NRM: Canadian Based Woman Professor Joins Presidential Race 

A Nigerian Canadian Based Woman Professor has joined the presidential race on the platform of the National Rescue Movement (NRM).


Prof Benedicta Egbo, who return to Nigeria to rescue her people under the platform of NRM, has pledged to deploy modern technology in tackling the country’s security problems.


The NRM aspirant, Benedicta, also said that she will develop a robust national plan to deliver good governance, unity and improve the living standard of Nigerians if elected president in 2023. 

Speaking after she obtained her nomination and expression of interest forms at the NRM national Secretariat in Abuja, the professor of education, Benedicta, lamented that, “Nigeria problems keep me awake in Nigeria. I’ve been thinking that we can’t afford to allow Nigeria to sink. 


The Canada based academia who unveiled a campaign hinged on five pillars of economic growth, regeneration, poverty alleviation, Labour and power sector reform, said that if voted president under the platform of NRM, “I will tackle insecurity and unite the country. We will leverage the power of the arm forces and address insecurity. We will deploy technology for that purpose.”


“Poverty issues will be addressed, welfare programmes will be introduced, labour will be encouraged and wages. How can a minimum wage be N30,000, an amount for a bag of rice.

“We can’t move forward until we have peace and security. 

“I will strengthen institutions. We have institutions that are no longer relevant. Some institutions are so weak that we don’t even need them. Individuals are now greater than institutions. That’s why we will adhere to the rule of law. No one will be above the law and the law will be applied. 

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“God created this country as a paradise, but we have turned it to hell. But I will turn around the education sector within 18 months. 


“There is hunger in the land, poverty, but a political party is selling at 100 million. A political party she said has been borrowing.


We will rebuild Nigeria and reclaim the future. Nigerians will rise again,” she insisted. 


On not being familiar with realities in the country, she retorted, “you can take me out of Nigeria, but you can’t take Nigeria out of me. If I became president, there will be hope and restoration. Nigeria has not had it so bad. Nigeria is at a crossroads, one wrong turn, we are in trouble.”


In his remarks, NRM National Deputy Chairman, Abubakar Jikamshi said: “history is in the making with cries everywhere where people are crying for alternatives; adding that they cannot sit down as citizens with conscience and allow that to happen. We have to stand up and ensure that we rescue the country.”


He decried the spate of unemployment in the country, maintaining that “children of the big men are schooling abroad.  


“Prof Benedicta left all the way from Canada to rescue Nigeria. We must support her because she is determined to take the mantle of leadership of this country. 


“As a Prof, she has raised Children, as a mother, she raised children. She can’t allow the country to slide, that is why she is here to pick the form. 


“The time she wins, Nigerian people will know there is something better. 

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She will do what we men have failed to do. We are confident from her track record, she will do well. I am sure that Nigerians will change positively and come out with medication that will treat our ailments.” 


On recent scamper by some government officials for the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential expression of interest forms, Jikamshi expressed worry that the monies used for the forms emanate from public coffers 


He bemoaned, “those who are ministers and governors are picking forms 100 million.  All that money is for the government. 


“These people are really out to kill us. Nigeria is a sucking ship, we cannot allow them to continue. 


“As I speak with you, elections can’t be held in Katsina’ 10 LGA with a boundary with Zamfara. People who were using the train were kidnapped, others killed. What kind of nation are we?”

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