Not Really Sure Why The Pervasive, Persistent Denials About Huawei In The Media

By Williams Chris

The threat is very real while the media hypes disinformation over the valid concerns about Huawei, in an effort to perpatuate an “anti” China narrative, the reality is very different. It’s all just smoke and mirrors.

If this was simply a genuine “anti” China effort, then why is it not a universal “plot” against “China?”

The US had no problem with American corporate sale of GE Appliances to Haier. We don’t rant about Haier or Chery, or Alibaba. Funny that. And before someone goes “but 5G” is the big payoff, so was 2G, 3G, 4G…. and so will 6G be…

Folks who allow Huawei in their frequency spectrum will rue that day.

How quickly Africans forget. Despite warnings, they took the “free” AU building which Beijing built. Strange how only Chinese engineers could enter certain parts of the building. Even more strange why the Chinese construction firm remained on site long after the building was completed…. and now everyone forgets how they were eventually EXPOSED spying on the AU.

No wonder the CCP comes out on top nearly every time with Africans. They hold all the cards.

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