No Brewing Crises In Kaduna PDP, Only Few Renegades Causing Division – Sarki


One of the vibrant Youths of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP), the erstwhile Deputy Director General of the Party’s Campaign Committee in 2019 general elections in Kaduna State, Comrade Danjuma Bello Sarki has reiterated that there is no crisis in the party, but a group of renegades who believe in impunity, undemocratic and unconstitutional processes.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP in an exclusive interview over the weekend in Kaduna, he said that the PDP is aware of some serial decampees who are political merchants of conflict. Their stock in trade is causing confusion anywhere they go. They are the ones currently sponsored by the APC to carry out a hatchet job, aimed at destroying the PDP by casting aspersion against it and its leaders in the media and subjecting it to perpetual litigations.

He observed that the few individuals are people who don’t believed in an election and have always been running away whenever there is a gathering of delegates to exercise their franchise, adding they’re used to allocating position to their cronies and are the ones making frantic efforts to destroy the party, but to no avail.

“These people am talking about have been in PDP, cross to APC and some of them have even gone to other parties and still came back to PDP. Because the PDP is a party that is benevolent and believed in carrying people along, the party decided to accommodate them, thinking they’ve turn a new leaf, only to realised that these people have not change, rather they have deployed a new strategy to hijacked the party and to destroy it” Sarki added.

He noted that since they could not hijacked the party, the only alternative left for them now is to subject the party to perpetual litigations, that is why so far, they have instituted five different cases in different Courts. Nobody, who loves his party would subject the party to so much ridicule using the traditional media, social media, public and Court cases.

” 95 percent of the genuine members of the PDP, from the members of the elders Forum as constituted by section 21 of the PDP Constituton, members of the State caucus, members of the State Executive Committee of the party, members of the Local Government Executive Committees, Members of the Ward Executive Committees, Members of the National Assembly, Forum of Chairmen of stakeholders, Forum of young persons and other loyal members party are all intact going in one accord.

” So, those few renegades that I have spoken about have been the one beating the drum of crisis, hoping to instigate other members, so as to create division, but they are obviously failing in their conflict entrepreneurship, streasing the people know their antics that is why they are not patronizing them. You know that an empty vessel makes the loudest noise. It is better for them to know that no matter their shenanigans the party shall continue to remain united and indivisible,” Danjuma assured.

He added that they recently obtained an interim injunction from the Kaduna State High Court, Zaria division on the 19th March, restraining the party from recognising the now inaugurated Ward Executives and Ad hoc delegates elected on March 14th, 2020, but the order was vacated and the case was dismissed on the 24th June. While that matter was in court, they instituted another suit in Kafanchan High Court, where they obtained another Ex-parte order on 27th of May, directing the party to withdraw the expulsion and suspension letter issued to them, another order suspending the Kaduna State PDP Caretaker Committee appointed by the National Working Committee pending the hearing and determination of the motion on notice. Unfortunately for them the orders abated by effluxion of time and was discharged by the court accordingly, on the 3rd June, 2020.

” Having realised they have failed, they again went ahead to falsified a Congress notice purportedly issued by the Kaduna State Publicity Secretary of the PDP, which he has since denied, saying that Congresses for the remaining 17 Wards in 4 Local Government Areas and that of the Local Government Areas were scheduled to be conducted on the 16/06/2020 and 18/06/2020 respectively. On the strength of that they deceived the Court, which granted them another interim injunction on the 17/06/2020, restraining the party from conducting the non-existing Congresses. However, for the umpteenth time, the Court vacated the Ex-parte order on the 09/07/2020.

” We that are members of the PDP and you the pressmen that are keenly following events in our party, you know that there was no time any notice was issued for the conduct of congresses in those remaining 17 Wards or the 23 Local Government Areas of the state, scheduled for 16th and 18th July respectively. After presenting the false notice of congress, the order was granted on 17th of July, a day after the 16th July the day they lied before the court that the Congresses for the 17 Wards were to be held. Therefore, had it been it was true the remaining ward Congresses would have take place before the restraining order. This has shown that they fabricated the notice and misled the Court. More so, that’s to show you how desperate they’re in order to fulfill the aggreement they had with their paymaster.”

Adding,” Presently, there are 4 different suits filed either directly by them or through their cronies at different courts in Kaduna State. With the plethora of cases they have instituted so far against the party, it is obvious they want to kill the party.

He noted that discipline has come to stay in the party an whoever erred against the Constitution of the party shall surely face the consequence.

The young politician emphasized that those that were expelled from the party remained expelled, we don’t need them in the party. If they feel they’re good politicians and they have what it takes, there are other parties they can go and join and wrestle power from the ruling party or wrestle power from PDP when it form its own Government in 2023, urging those suspended to be patient and serve their suspension.

He maintained that PDP is still the party that has genuine concerned for the welfare of the people, that brings about economic development and ensures everybody is carried along.

“With all these achievements we’ll not allow anybody no matter how mighty he think he is to destroyed our cherished Party, that we have suffered to and build.” Danjuma maintained.

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