NNYO Sue For Peace Between Hausa, Fulani Traditional Rulers In Lagos

The Northern Nigeria Youth Organization (NNYO) has called for peace among the Hausa Fulani traditional rulers in Lagos state.

Speaking at a round table discussion in Lagos, NNYO said the conflict
in the Hausa/Fulani traditional institution has lingered for years
adding that there should be a stop.
The convener of the programme, Amb Sani Salisu Danmuttaqa said in his
remark that being a Northerner, a Nigerian, and a member of NNYO made
him to promote peace, unity and youth development.

“Lagos state has been a peculiar state where we have different ethnic
nationalities from northern Nigeria. We cannot achieve this aim or
target without mediating where there is a crisis and conflict and
bitterness. We want history to note that we’ve also added many values
in promoting reconciliation among the warring factions. And as a
chairman of Northern Nigerian Youth Organisation and a member of
different organisations in Northern extraction, we would like to see
our traditional institutions most especially the Hausa/ Fulani unite
the same way other ethnic nationalities of Northern Nigeria residing
in Lagos are living peacefully,” Danmuttaqa said adding that there is
one Nupe institution, one Igala institution, one Tiv institution, one
Igbira institution, one Kanuri institution and one Gbagi institutions.

“We want the same to be applied to the Hausa /Fulani institution being
the majority in the state. So, if we can have that voice as one
entity, our empowerment, our development, our chances of growth and
add value to Lagos state and the north.

“That is the mission. That is why we are organising the Arewa
roundtable. We are also planning a first peace and unity conference.
We won’t be able to achieve the bigger conference we are planning,
that’s why we’ve started this reconciliation,” Danmuttaqa said.


“Other groups are coming to this platform. None of them is
discriminated against in this Northern Nigeria Youth Organization. You
will find a Christian, a Muslim, in the Christian, you will find
Pentecostal, you will find a Catholic, in Muslim, you will find Izala,
you will find a Tijaniyya, you will find Igbira, you will find Kanuri,
you will find Nupe, you will find Hausa, you will even find Fulani
that become the Hausas, you can see even the Yoruba of the North that
are part of Kwara and Kogi, we are all together but our problem is the
Hausa /Fulani just because of their interest.

“If the interest can be resolved and standardised and Lagos state
government can also put their own rules in appointing Sarkis or
whatever will become leader of any ethnic nationality all this problem
will be solved.

“Some people are gaining from this division. We don’t want that to
happen again. We know it is a big project we are embarking on. I could
remember vividly when I met the Ono of Igala Lagos State, His Royal
Highness Alhaji Say, he asked me can you do it? And I said yes, and
he said if you can do it I will definitely support you. I said I can
do it, it’s a matter of idea, it’s not a matter of money, it’s not a
matter of a calibre of who you are, it’s a matter of commitment, focus
and sacrifice to ensure that we end this problem and we will do it by
the grace of God.


The moderator of the programme, Comrade Garba Mohammed Auwal said as a
Hausa man from Yobe State, he resides in part of Oyo State.

“I’ve been there for the past 47 years, I had my primary school,
secondary School, my business and my family are all there, as a member
of NNYO, our mission is to see how the community and the environment
live in peace and harmony.

“By the time they invited me to be a moderator, I welcomed the idea
because I’ve been having this mission to see how we can bring our
community and our people together in order to progress,” he said.

The meeting had in attendance, families of Dogara and Kabiru that had
been having disagreements.

Isa Buhari who spoke on behalf of Kabiru family, said they are ready for peace.

“We are ready for peace so that we can move together as one family. I
will go back and deliver the message to my family as they ask me to
represent them here today. It shows that we are ready for peace,” he

Also, Yau Musa Sakaba who spoke for the Dogara’s family, said they
are ready for the peace.

“As you can see my friend here, barrister, we are always together in
one or two programmes . We have a very big task ahead. I am assuring
you my family will give you all the support you need to achieve this
peace,” he said.


Other speakers during the roundtable included the special guest,
Alhaji Ismaila Musa Bamakawa Walin Lagos, Alhaji Ado Shuiabu Dansudu,
Alhaji Jubirin Abdulrashid Sarkin Samari Lagos and Alhaji Say
Mohammed Danmasani Lagos.

While speaking, Alhaji Bamakawa said: I am truly happy for this August
meeting because it’s something I’ve been hoping for, to live in unity
and for our traditions to have a rooted stand here in Lagos.

But Alhaji Ado Shuiabu Dansudu said they will keep on working hard to
unite not only the traditional rulers but also politicians and



The Sarkin Samari of Lagos, Alhaji Jubrin Abdulrashid said if there is
no peace, it will affect their institutions.

“We have to unite both Christian and Muslim from the North. We must
forget about tribalism and religion. Peace is the only solution for
everything,” he added.


The Dan Masani of Lagos, Alhaji Say Mohammed urged the traditional
rulers to embrace peace not only for their benefit, but for the
benefit of the Northerners in Lagos State.

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