Nnamdi Kanu: No One Is Above Mistake, Says Bishop Onuoha

The Bishop, Methodist Church of Nigeria, Diocese of Umahia, Abia State, Sunday Onuaha has said that no one is above mistake and urged the federal government to consider the release of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu. 
There have calls by some Igbo leaders for President Muhammadu Buhari to release the detained leader of IPOB, Kanu.
Adding his voice, Onuoha said Nigeria is a large family adding that people were bound to offend one another.
The Bishop said citizens must come to terms with the reality that the nation will only make progress if the people would apologise and forgive one another.
Speaking at the annual Harvest Thanksgiving service of the Methodist Church Nigeria, Cathedral of Unity, Abuja, yesterday with the theme: “God of All Possibilities,” Onuoha said: “We have several Christians and Muslims praying and asking God for His grace, so God does not abandon his people. There are challenges sometimes, and Nigeria is passing through her challenge. We passed through in the sixties during a civil war, God saved us and God would save us again.”
Onuaha said: “Sometimes you ask yourself, what is happening in the middle east like Iraq and Iran, even the midst of Boko Haram and IPOB is God still in charge? has somebody taken over the world? but the answer is that God is still in charge.”
“God promised that amid hardship, hostilities, crisis, he is still in charge. He is not a human being that would break the promise or lie. God does not lie.”
According to Onuaha, “Sometimes  you had a dream and in that dream, somebody tells you Nigeria is one of the most corrupt nations in the world, you want to travel from Kaduna to Abuja, and you are told you cannot go, is it true before you go to the farm and harvest you pay some ransom to some people for you to harvest, is it true some people carry arm from somewhere to somewhere, from one location to location and there is a passed police check-point, what would you ask; how and why? and the question and narrative continue.”
The Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, Methodist Cathedral, His Grace, Most Rev Joseph Oche, said, “We know that whatever hard situation we are passing through, one day, God in His Infinite mercy would bring an end to it because nothing is impossible to him and that is the essence of this year theme and we believe it and I want you also to believe it”.
“If you and I and the whole nation agree that God, is the God of possibilities. Nigeria cannot continue this way that people cannot travel to Kaduna, Lokoja, Keffi, it cant be so. God of possibilities would put an end to this situation and shortly, he would do it, ” he added.
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