Nigeria:What A Bleeding Nation?

By John Pofi

Nigeria is already in the state of anarchy, if scores of its armed security can be wasted at every instance and from any part of the country, if the number one citizen with the first grade paraphernalia of security forces can be ambushed, if citizens pay millions to hoodlums to allow them go to their legitimate farms, if military formations can be attacked at will, if a high profile prison harbouring high profile criminals and suspects including alleged Boko Haram members, located in the federal capital territory can be attacked successfully, and when nobody is safe as far as he or she is in Nigeria, then where else can you find a suitable definition of anarchy if not in Nigeria?

The most fearful thing in the whole scenario is the quick succession in which these bloodbath took, well calculated and well aticulated.

I have consistently insisted that General Muhammadu Buhari has failed and should do what is honourable in saner climes which is resignation.

When the news of the attack on his convoy filtered in, some of his handlers shamelessly futilely attempted to deny it. They are sure most Nigerians will wish that the perpetrators would have hit their target.

Although as a pastor, I don’t wish him dead, that is why we are insisting that he takes a bow because Nigeria is out of his hands and fully in the hands of terrorists and if we look the other way, it will consume all of us.

Nothing seems to surprise me in Nigeria any more as we continue to hear the number and calibre of inmates who have purportedly escaped during the jail attack

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One begins to wonder why Boko Haram terrorists will attack a facility in the name of freeing their members knowing fully well that under this administration, they will be freed, rehabilitated and taken abroad to learn a trade.

One will also wish to ask whether the 7pm curfew on gardens and relaxation centres is motivated by security or religion? And will that resolve the security crisis?

It is obviously obvious that Buhari has come to his wit’s end and need to go home and relax. Anything short of that will be a devine intervention.

Prayer Force Network wish to commiserate with the families that lost their loved ones in the avoidable bloodbath and pray for devine visitation to the injured.

God will surely intervene.



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