Nigeria’s Stolen Greatness Still Screams Prosperity

Theorists on the greatness that awaits Nigeria abound. They nicely tie the prosperous future to opportunities President Muhammadu Buhari has created in the six years he has led Nigeria into a tunnel.

Never mind if these opportunities have stolen our future. For a moment, see the stealthy appropriation of Nigeria beyond the pillars of misfortunes NNPC and similar organisations ably present. We are better in 2021 than we were in pre-Buhari 2015. Nigeria would have collapsed without Buhari’s masterly intervention. We should be grateful to Buhari for accepting to lead the rescue mission.

Deliberate conversations on Buhari, the messiah, still populate the media space. Occasional contenders include condemnations of Buhari supposedly by those his policies had denied access to corruption that they claim is available to others.

The only way to see Buhari is not to forget he is a man of integrity who has not stolen anything. He delightfully explains why we have to remain in his tunnel. Rounds of applause attend to regurgitated reasons for Buhari’s vacuity.

Yet nobody has stolen Nigeria’s greatness as much as Buhari. For him, it is an abiding passion, the fulcrum of his presidency. We can see why.

In just six years, he has managed to constrict Nigeria to a collapsing entity that looks to its past for its best days. Buhari’s sterling report card thrives on selective bearings that ignore the overall embarrassment Buhari has been to be from the beginning.

Security of Nigeria was supposed to be a prime item on his agenda. He has done so well in this regard that everyone, except him, is blamed for what is tritely called Nigeria’s security challenges. We are glibly reminded that Nigeria’s insecurity pre-dated Buhari. Should we not keep the ovation louder? Having succeeded so resoundingly in making Nigeria safe, Buhari’s eyes are on “critical infrastructure”, the reason for borrowings that put the prosperous future in painful prospects. A willing National Assembly approves whatever he wants.

Loan approvals are the fastest paced legislations in Nigeria. Whether the loans are for the Second Niger Bridge or sustenance of Buhari’s promoted allegiance to projects in Republic of Niger, they get a quick nod.

The future is fertile. Nigeria will ever be grateful to those patriots who refused Buhari a deserved rest from the burdens of leading anyone except perhaps his beloved cattle for whom he is securing a future above everything.

It is unpatriotic, a mark of affinity to the corrupt past, to deny Nigerians a future built on the prosperity that only cattle can create. Buhari is busy building cattle routes that promise right of way to animals anywhere they go. Animal rights are the present and the future.

A future painstakingly built without consideration for the challenges we face dictates that we endure the menace of terrorists who are treated better than the school children that have become their targets. We should be grateful for having Buhari.

The wide choices for the great future are to become bandits or cattle. A survival without being either is not envisaged in the great Nigeria from Buhari’s bakery.

Schools closing to save students from bandits, bandits scaring farmers from food production, conceding parts of Nigeria to the marauders, are more telling theft of our future than unaccounted gold mining in Zamfara.

Buhari is already Nigeria’s greatest President. Neither the present nor the future bothers him. Nobody can deny his proclivity for the unthinkable. Only Buhari can derive his greatness from reducing Nigeria to a debt-burdened cattle colony.


WE are certainly a country of elections. The dedication to the Anambra State governorship election in November shows where the interests of politicians are. Elections must hold no matter what they cost. Which other side of Nigeria elicits such efficiency?

NIGERIANS miss Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu and wish him a quick return to Lagos to hold court as he has done for decades. It appears those without access to public resources cannot visit him in London. Hopefully, the incapacity would not count against them.

POWER will not stop intoxicating those who imbibe it. The cruelty a female soldier visited on an NYSC member in Calabar should not go unpunished even if it would not be a lesson to those who elect to continue on that path.

DO you remember Halilu Shaba, Director-General of the National Space Research and Development Agency, NASRDA, saying last June that Nigeria’s satellite was outdated but still functioning by ”grace”? The update is that grace has continued to be with the satellite.

MEETING with the Queen of The Netherlands is one of the high points of President Buhari’s mission at the UN General Assembly. Are we about to borrow from the Dutch too?

WHO is the next Alhaji Abdulaziz Chibuzor Udeh? As the tributes continue to pour in about Udeh’s philanthropy that was executed in its best form – silence – the gap of his departure is felt more. May the Almighty rest him.

Isiguzo is a major commentator on minor issues

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