Nigeria’s Resources Need To Be Harness – Kano Official

Kano state Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning Honourable Nura Mohammed Dankadai has said that Nigeria is a blessed Country with abundant human and material resources that need to be harnessed to make the Country great.


Dankadai maintain that although the Country is bedevilled with economic problems it is natural with any Country or nation to go through these kind of stages what we need is the political will to overcome all these problems and solve them once and for all.

Honourable Dankadai made the disclosure in an Exclusive interview with Leadership in his office yesterday . He said what the Country need is ” the determination of the people and leadership of the Country so that we can get out of this mess. Economic problems come and goes and in any given Country the story is the same

He said an economic problem is very serious in a given Country because it is something that affects the generality of the populace therefore one cannot say that the economy is too bad but it needs some kind of overhaul so as to fix it very well so that every citizen can live peacefully and comfortably.

When we are able to tackle the economic problems naturally even the Security problems will go down . But we must come together and put all our hands on deck . And we must creat job opportunities for our youths and train them to acquire skills to stand on their own

You see it is a mistake to depend on white colour jobs nowadays and to say that when you go to school and graduate you must work in this kind of office and have good Salary is no more now .

We must train our youths this is what I have been telling my political followers to go back to School and acquire the necessary skills then you can have confidence to sit down and intermingle with whoever and enjoy your self .But when you are depending on some one to take your responsibility then you don’t have mouth to talk. These are most of the problems we are having with many people especially politicians in this Country .

People do not developed skills and deopend on some body to be giving them money . You see when I depend on you to give me money then I must have to also wait for you to decide for me what to do. you need to be independed minded and when you want to live like that you must have to stand on your feet .”


I can not financed you and then tell you what to and you turn your back against me if I closed the pipeline then what will happen, but when I depend solely on you then that is the beginning of my problem if I can’t pay the School fees of my Children clothed and feed them well then untill I come to you to give me money I am gone.

So this is what is happening in the country people must Stand on their feet not on the political system to earn a living. relaying on the political office holders or successful business men will not help matters”

He said it is high time for all and sundry to join hands together and do business as partners in progress do something to help the economy. Therefore it
behoves on parents to take their Children to Schools not to read books but were they will acquire skill on Agriculture, plumbing, capentary, Electrical work.
People think that untill you go to School and study from first degree to PhD before you can be on your own there are alot of things that if one can acquire the necessary skills he will survive without necesssarily earning salary at the end of the month .

Dankadai encouraged Nigerians to go and improve on what they are doing and those who have means should help one another to learn new skills and that also one need some money to do so.

Honourable Dankadai advised Nigerians to help their brothers and sisters in the villages or towns to be on their own And government on its side should provide the e nabling environment for peaople to acquire skills we will all solve our problems be It security, economy and what have you the government must provide security , energy , water and provide every thing that are pre-requisite to a succesfull business.

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