Nigeria’s Leader Buhari Reveals Plan After May 29


Nigeria’s leader, Muhammadu Buhari, has revealed his plan after leaving office on May 29, 2023. 
According to Buhari, the reason he now visit his hometown Daura, Katsina State more frequently is as a result of the plan he has ahead.
Buhari has been a regular resident of Kaduna, North Western Nigeria rather than his home state of Katsina since he was ousted as Nigeria head of state by Gen Ibrahim Babangida on 27 August, 1985.
Buhari became head of state after a coup d’état on 31 December 1983, an event that ended the Nigerian Second Republic.
Even when he lost the presidential election in 2003; 2007 and 2011, Buhari only visit his home state Katsina for the voting period and leave for Kaduna.
After Buhari emerged president in 2015, Elanza News gathered that his cows increased to 150, but the number of the animals can’t easily be ascertain as at today.
Buhari, after spending nealy eight years in the Villa, Nigeria’s seat of power, he has now revealed his plan in a video he spoke in Hausa language.
“… I can’t stay in the Villa beyond may 29, 2023. I will have to come back here. I always come here to see my farm and animals. After may 29, 2023, I will come back to see my farm and my animals, ” Buhari said while telling his people his next line of action.
With the massive insecurity in both Katsina and Kaduna State where Buhari is likely to reside, pundits say the president must do everything possible to tackle the menace of insecurity before leaving office since fighting the menace was one of his top campaign promise to Nigerians.
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