Nigeria’s Judiciary Must Uphold Rule Of Law, Freedom Of Expression – US Senator

Following the numerous but lingered legal battles against corrupt practices perpetuated by some persons in Nigeria, between some state actors and Human & Environmental Development Agenda (HEDA) with its attendant charges and counter- charges, a United States Senator, Patrick Joseph Leahy, has expressed concern over the charges filed by the Attorney General of the federation & Minister of Justice of Nigeria, Abubaker Malami SAN, against the Chairman of HEDA, Suraju Olanrewaju.

In his personal Twitter handle, the senator who is also the Pro tempore (for the time being) President of the U.S Senate, charged Nigeria Judiciary to uphold the rule of law and freedom of expression without fear or favour of any kind.

According to him, the Judiciary must not disappoint the citizens as the last hope of the common man in an environment where some persons use rare privilege or opportunities to inflict inhuman treatments on other citizens in diverse guise.

His words: “I and others in Washington are concerned with the charges against Olanrewaju Suraju who has been a brave voice against corruption. We look to Nigeria’s judiciary to uphold the rule of law and freedom of expression,” He said.

Reacting to the Tweet, HEDA’s Chairman reiterated the Organization’s resolve to stand against every enemy of the citizens especially those in public sector who have decided to misuse and abuse the people’s mandate to manage Public resources. According to him, the fight against injustice, maladministration, mismanagement of public resources and other inhuman treatments by some public persons must be sustained.

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“HEDA and its partners are up to the task in exposing the shenanigans of the Ministry of Justice under Mr. Abubakar Malami and the unprofessional role of the Police investigators in the matter. We shall jealously protect the civic space and rights of Nigerians to freedom of expression,”

He called on other civil society organizations and individuals in the same course to remain undaunted and auspicious in the fight, saying, “We must not let these perverse elements to take us for a ride, any individual who is poised to inflict undue pains on Nigerians must be resisted,”

Mr. Suraju who would be arraign before Justice Binta Nyako, by 9am at the Federal High Court, Abuja on Monday 24th of January, 2022, reiterated that no sadist in the country would go unexposed, he challenge the judiciary to be upright, forthright and fearless in speedy administration of Justice, no matter whose ox is gored; “All we seek is, people must do the right thing at the right time and right place for the right purpose and achieve the right results,” he added.

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