Nigerians Celebrate Pillar Of Sports Chief Donatus Agu-Ejidike

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

Nigeria is indeed, blessed by God Almighty in all areas of the human endeavours. And it is not for nothing that many have come to agree that Nigeria, is indeed, God’s own country.
Like other nations, Nigeria, has also been bequeathed with her share of fair or unfair of people who can be categorized as the ‘good, bad and ughly’
In this rare class of very good people is this Anambra State born business mogul, unrepentant sports lover, and philanthropist per excellence.
In a country where the elites and the political class thinks of their personal interests, first and at all times, this destribalised Nigerian with friends and business interests in virtually every state in Nigeria, is always talking about the oneness of Nigeria, and of course, using sports as a most veritable tool to actualise his dreams of a better Nigerian Nation.
Four years ago when he was meritoriously and unanimously chosen and of course, decorated as NIGERIA’S PILLAR OF SPORTS, many who did not know his qualities erroneously claimed that the shoes were too big for him. And does he have the charisma to carry the weight of the office.
Today, he has not only proved to be capable and charismatic enough, the shoes, have also become a perfect fit for him.
Even when he was politically ‘schemed’ out of office as the President of Karate Federation of Nigeria, he simply took it in his strides. No bickering or bitterness from him. That, too, hasn’t stopped him from supporting and sponsoring Karate, as well as, other sports.
He is a selfless and passionate family man and humanist per excellence. A man of many exciting and interesting parts. Unassuming, down-to-earth , jovial, compassionate, and kindness personified.
Today, Elanza News join the world to celebrate a strong PILLAR of Nigeria Society. As you graciously add another year to your blessed life in the land of the living

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