Nigerian Musician Simple Boy Pays Touching Tribute To His Mother

Nigerians musician Usman Isah popularly known as simpleBoy has paid a touching tribute to his mother who passed away 20 years ago.

The Kogi State-born artist and songwriter, on Tuesday, took to his Twitter handle to express his feeling and touching tribute to his late mother.

According to kalamiti crooner, nummy, it has been 20 years since you answered the call from your creator. Since your departure, it is just like yesterday you leave us here on earth. I don’t have any right to question what God has done, He is the one that gave lives, and He took, then who am I to question it.

“It is not easy to struggle and fend for yourself here. Life is just like up and down. The love, I mean the motherly love is not there.No matter how we claim to be, we cannot we have because you’re already on another side.

“When Its raining and harmattan season, we packed our belonging roaming the street like a beggar, nobody to cover your loving son.No amount of water to quench my taste, nor the quality of food that can take away my hunger, “Yes, of course, I have missed you. may your soul continue to rest in peace darling mummy”, he wrote.

He further assured his mother that, your son is doing fine. Despite all the obstacles, am still living well and giving glory to those who deserve it. Your demised has us strong. We could have not been better than this, supposed you were alive.” What doesn’t kill you, make you stronger”.

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