Nigeria Urged To Invest In Criminal Justice System

The leadership of Administration of Criminal Justice Monitoring Committee ACJMC at the weekend launched it’s Calabar office, in Cross River charging federal and state governments to strengthen the nation’s criminal justice system.

The Committee stated that when the justice system is strengthened, complaints of justice being pervaded by law enforcement agents and those charged with such responsibility would be a thing of the past.

In a similar vein, complaints of arbitary arrest and unlawful incarceration at police cells and Nigeria correctional service facilities with out being charge to court would no longer be heard

Executive Secretary, Administration, Criminal Justice Monitoring Committee ACJMC, Barr. Sulayman Dawodu, dropped the charge during the launch/ handing over of the Cross River State ACJMC office to it’s committee secretary, Barr. James Ibor in Calabar stressing that a time has come when government at all levels need to do more to drastically reduce incidents of arbitary arrest and remand warrants.

Speaking on the theme, Effective Implementation of the Provisions of ACJA/ACJL in Nigeria, implemented by administration of Criminal Justice Monitoring Committee Dawodu said, “tell the President and the state governors that it’s about time that they take seriously issues of strengthening of the country’s criminal justice system and Institutions.

“And also strengthen the oversight bodies within the criminal justice system.

“We shouldn’t be hearing complaints that the police do not have money to Investigate issues. They just arrest people without investigations and then you have to be proofing that you are innocent.
“They just put you there, allowing you to languish in detention. This shouldn’t be happening in our society.

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On the issue of prosecutors using thier money to prosecute cases, Dawodu said, “prosecutors shouldn’t be using thier money to be doing cases.

“In this country, is the prosecutors that spend out of thier little money to be going to court.

“You can imagine if they failed to use thier money, cases. Judges will just be there. One judge can have 400 cases and adjourning them every day. You come to court,cases are adjourned for three to seven months, up to one year.

This shouldn’t be happening. That is why we say government should invest in the criminal justice system.” Dawodu stressed.

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