Nigeria My Country

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

Arise now, here we are
The noble compatriots,
All service to our fatherland.

Oh God of creation!
But why is our noble
Cause not properly directed?

Services to love of money,
Strength to personal interests,
Faith of becoming a kleptocrat.

Knowing the truth that:
Our country is forbidden,
Honestly to grow in jeopardy.

Where next can we build as a nation?
Our peace has turned pieces
Reigning of injustice, home for disunity.

“They pledge to Nigeria
Their business country,
Not to be faithful,
But be unloyal and dishonest,
To serve Nigerians with all their tricks,
To deface her unity with national cake,
And uphold her horror like phobic movie,
So help them goddess of misfortune”

The visible attributes of
Nigerian politicians,
Engineering sadness
all day like quack technicians.


The historical values of the year 1914
Supposed not to be a sad tale to us.

No action is all also an action,
The next generation will put
The blame on us tomorrow.

If we all fail to speak against the;
Execu-thieves of now
Legisla-thieves of today
And the current judi-sharings.

We shall all owns the dispraise.

I love Nigeria!

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