Nigeria Football Supporters Club To Launched New Instruments To Support Their Band Group

The long-standing Nigeria Football Supporters Club has already commence raising of funds to launched new instruments for their band group to continue cheering Nigerian teams tirelessly.

Nigeria Football Supporters Club has been founded by trustees with a diverse background in business, military, civil services and social services, all of whom have worked closely with Nigeria sports administrators in various capacities to map out Nigerian football in the global football community by supporting them financially and cheering them to all corners of the world.

The fundraising will be relying on private and individual donation and possibly via an organised events in Lagos and other cities around the country. While the launching of the instruments and the entertainment line up event dates to be announced shortly, its goal is to equipped the band group with the latest instruments in order to continue doing what they know and do best.

All profits from the fundraising and events will be used to supported the band group after equipping them with new instruments and also finance programmes to nurture the practices and culture of the band group and also develop enterprises that will provide sustainability in the maintenance and welfare of the group. Said the NFSC National Chairman.

Commenting on the launch, Rev. Samuel Ikpea, NFSC National Chairman, said:

“We recognise that it is now more important than ever before to support our band group with new sets of instruments for them to be more energetic while entertaining us.”

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