Nigeria @62: Omede , Former NMA President Salutes Nigerians

The past President, Nigeria Medical Association NMA, Dr Omede Idris has urged Nigerians to take advantage of our diversity to enable peace, unity and development thrives in line with the spirit of our founding fathers.

Dr Omede , who is also the past President, Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria APBN appeal to Nigerians to use the occasion to demonstrate patriotism and statemanship, as the country prepares towards another round of transition from one civilian administration to the another in 2023 , saying democracy can only be protected and salvaged with collective responsibility.

The former Commissioner for Health in kogi state who made this statement in a press release made available to mark this year’s 2022 Nigeria’s independence, maintainined that our continued existence, strength lies in our rich human resources, and natural endowments.

He prayed that the forthcoming democratic process will usher in leaders who will be dedicated to the well being of ordinary Nigerians and all round development.

“Salutation to Nigeria and Nigerians on occasion of 1st October, 2022 Independence celebration, for our continued existence as a nation. Our strength lies in our rich human resource, natural resources and numerous endowments. ‘

“Our diversity should be an enabler for peace, unity and development as advanced, propagated, projected, demonstrated and carried out by the Nation’s former leaders’ and statesmen and women some of whom are still alive today. ”

“As we move into yet another elective process in our nation, may the voices and actions of all electorate, translate into the emergence of a leadership that will add value to our country in our drive for a greater nation.
God bless us all.”

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