New Karu Police Station Overcrowded As Police Jettison Social Distancing To Charge N10,000 As Bail For Lockdown Violators

The Police station in New Karu, Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa State is now overcrowded as a result of massive arrest of lockdown violators who now have to pay between N5,000 to N10,000 before they are allowed to go home.

Elanza News reports that since the declaration of a lockdown on Karu Local government area by Nasarawa State governor, Abdullahi Sule, the Police in New Karu are using the opportunity to collect money as bail from people they arrested.

Karu Local Government is an area that shared border with the Federal Capital Territory Abuja and the lockdown was to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading to Nasarawa state through Abuja.

But victims narrated to Elanza News that the Karu Police Station is now overcrowded with the security agents jettisoning the social distancing, putting several people behind bars as a result of the lockdown violation.

Some of the victims who have been released, said they paid between N5,000 and N10,00 to bail themselves out of the jam-packed police cell.

“The Nigeria Police in Karu Local Government Area of Nassarawa state are extorting the masses using the Covid-19 lockdown as a strategy,” a resident of New Karu who preferred to be called Godfrey, said.

“They go out to arrest people and place them on a high bail price ranging between N10,000 and N5,000.

“As I speak to you now, New Karu Police station is congested which is against the social distancing,” another resident of the area who went to bail his brother, said.

“This is risky because people can be infected with the virus due to the congestion in the police station,” another resident, Emma Goje said of the happenings in the small police outpost.

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When contacted, the Commissioner of Police in Nasarawa state, Bola Longe, said he will investigate and ensure they punish any officer found to have collected money from people they arrested as a result of the lockdown.

He said the order he gave was for all those arrested for violating the lockdown order to be charge to court and not to be kept in cells.

“I’ve not collected bribe from anyone and I will investigate the allegation that some police officers are collecting money for bail in New Karu. Anyone that is found culpable will be punish.

“I have records of people who have been taken to court for violation of the lockdown order. But anyone who collected money from those who violated the lockdown order will be punish.

On what happened in Lagos and Ogun State, the Nasarawa state Commissioner of Police, Longe, said he has given an order to his men in the state to ensure that nothing of such occur.

“We arrested some cult gang yesterday (Tuesday) in Karu Local Government. We don’t want what happened in Lagos or Ogun State to happen in Nasarawa state, ” the Commissioner added.

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