New Bakassi Boys Resurface, Kill 4 Persons

No less than four persons were killed yesterday in Awka, Anambra state capital by a squad of adhoc anti-crime operatives nicknamed “New Bakassi Boys”.

The New Bakassi operatives arrived on Saturday from Imo state on invitation of a group championing development of Awka called Ezi-Awka Youth.

The New Bakassi operatives said to be more than 50 were said to have commenced their assignment yesterday and killed the four persons at Agu-Oye area of Awka, and, burnt the remains of those killed beyond recognition.

The Ezi-Awka Youth were said to have paid the New Bakassi operatives heavily to come and cleanse the city of criminal elements following the rising insecurity in the area as cult groups have been on rampage, killing members of their rival group ceaselessly, with many innocent persons being dispossessed of their personal belongs even in broad daylight with conventional security operatives intervening.

The Bakassi Boys were said to possess magical powers which they use in detecting persons who thrive in shedding blood, and, which also make them impregnable by bullets.

It was learnt that following their arrival and their first outing many cultists have taken flight. The four people killed were said to be cult members who dared the Bakassi Boys.

“They (Bakassi Boys) are armed with sophisticated weapons, including guns, charms which repel any bullets fired at them. They are going to stay in Awka, until the area becomes quiet.

” Most of these Shuttle drivers and keke boys (commercial tricyclists) are cultists. They belong to different rival cult groups, and, they have been killing each other on daily basis; they are the ones snatching phones, dispossessing innocent persons of their money and other valuables even in broad daylight, simply because the police seems to have abandoned everyone to his or her fate since unknown men started attacking and killing police men, and, other security operatives rampantly “.

When contact, Spokesman of the state police command, Mr. Tochukwu Ikenga said that he was not aware of the arrival and operation of the New Bakassi Boys.

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