Neocolonialism, Nigeria Government And The People

Nigeria would have been a great country. But our political office holders have been used to make the country fail. There’s no single man on earth who can make Nigeria work again unless Jesus Christ come back to Earth 🌎.

That person is not the candidate you’re clamouring for, he’s still like others. We believed in President Mohammadu Buhari and fought the high and mighty to bring him in, but what happened? He became a nightmare.

Nigeria and Africa have been programmed not to work by the West. They know that our libration and prosperity is a big threat to their survival. Hence, they use our own people to oppress, syphon and intimidate us. They use our politicians who have vision to devalue our currency 💵 so that we would continue to be bootlickers and beggars to them.

They will plant whoever they think can do their biddings, promote that personality as the alpha and omega just to continue to rule over us.

Haven’t you wondered why for decades our power sector has been in shambles? Even to build a refinery has been a challenge. Remember, Buhari told us he would build us refineries, he couldn’t even build a single one even as the minster of Petroleum.

Our successive Presidents have failed us, the ones coming won’t make any difference. Nigeria for me hasn’t given me hope to believe it would be better. Everybody is fighting for his/her pockets. Nobody is fighting to make Nigeria a better place for our children.

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The ones you are campaigning and arguing for to be the next president is the one that would still disappoint you.

Our leadership keep getting worst by the day and no reasonable personality can beat his/her chest that they have worked for Nigeria.

I won’t say there ain’t pockets of sincere people in government. The last I saw was madam Dora Akunyili (May God rest her soul). But in Nigeria, we don’t like good people because they have made us so poor that we’ve now become “O Yes” members. We agree to anything that we think would put food on our table. We are now hungry citizens looking for the next bus stop to refill our pockets.

Hope…hope is gone! The last hope I saw was in Alawo in Lagos. Nigeria my country, you have made yourself so little that even the educational sector is a mess. They have made you so common that you have to travel abroad to become something in life. They have made you so inferior that anything produced in Nigeria isn’t original. That’s where we find ourselves today.

Neocolonialism is real. We are in a modern slave trade business. But not in chains. We are the ones now travelling overseas to beg and do all kinds of job just to survive. We even boast with the countries we’ve travelled to. When we want to give examples, we use “When I was in America”. We should be ashamed, but shame? That is not in our dictionary.
We are now mentally possessed with unrealistic expectations and imaginations. We even want to see our own as good. Our mindsets are now foreign. That’s where we are today.

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If people could steal billions of naira and we know them, and yet we are always clamouring to voting them into power to rule us, we are doomed!

Asari Dokubo said “No Be Juju Be that?!” We are blind to anything good.  Division and ethnocentrism is now a normal. We hate ourselves.

Religion has been used to divide us. But they the elites, still live happily together, marrying themselves and giving our their kids to each other to continue with the dynasty. Think my brothers, think!!!!

We are our security. We provide the basic amenities for ourselves. We don’t hope for a better country because theirs nothing to show for.

An elected officials will be telling you what he/she has done as if the money expended was from his father’s account. Rubbish!

All man for himself.

Solution? Which solution? The ones our social commentators have been giving, the ones we have written in several journals, who have taken them serious.

2023, come out and vote for who you think would change your life. But know that , nobody can change Nigeria.

Anthony Ada Abraham is blogger and journalist

@Okrote4real ©️

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