Ndokwa Neku Union Inaugurates Women Wing

The leadership of Ndokwa’ Neku Union ,(NNU) a pan-ndokwa organization has inaugurated the Executive team of her Women Wing, under the leadership of Prof. Julie Umukoro.

The administrative team of NNU Women Wing is comprised of two arms, the on-ground and Off-ground arms both make up the superstructure of the national executive strata of NNU Women Wing (Nigeria and Diaspora).

The larger picture, however,  include a 35-membered Council of women Elders/Leaders responsible for the engineering and processing of ideas geared toward the development of Ndokwaland.

The swearing in ceremony, which took place at the weekend at Utagba Ogbe, Ndokwa West Local Government Area of Delta State, was chaperoned by the immediate past NNU Woman Leader, Prof. (Mrs) Grace Ogwu.

In her address, she advised the group to be focused on their mission and visions, which in essence seek to promote and protect  Ndokwa roots, with recourse to her culture, religious inclinations, nature’s endowments, socio-cultural and  socio-political well-being.

In pursuance of these ideals therefore, Ndokwa women, she said, must ensure a zero tolerance to violence in  Ndokwaland and/or the marginalization  of Ndokwa people.

She therefore implored Ndokwa  women, to see theirs as a mandate to promote peace, justice, fairness, equity, mutual  understanding and love among all.

Reflecting on the moment and times, the current NNU Woman leader, Prof. Umukoro, a Professor of Semiotics and Performance Studies, in her response, took time to briefly educate Ndokwa women on their civic resposibilties toward the ongoing voters registration exercise.

According to her, it is not enough to merely register oneself; “each woman must take on the challenge of notifying her neighbours, colleagues and friends and must also make extra effort to ensure that they register appropriately.”

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