NDE Assess Development On SME Beneficiaries In Taraba

Nahum Sule, Jalingo

The National Directorate of Employment NDE in Taraba state took a look at the level of progress and development achieved by it beneficiaries in the state who has established their business through NDE’s loan.

The assessment was coordinated by the Taraba state NDE coordinator, Mallan Danjuma Shehu who lead a delegation to see how some of the previous beneficiaries have established their business with the loans received by the scheme.

According to Shehu, he said, in Taraba NDE is committed in training youths, both educated and uneducated, to encourage them to have a living and help others in the community.

In his words he said “We trained youth from various skills and empowered them to be successful. Today, we have all seen the impact of NDE on the life of some of the beneficiaries we have visited. They have a means of livelihood, not only that they also employed youths under them, which in turn has reduced unemployment rate”.

“When we are recruiting the unemployment youth we do give them counselling, valuable orientation, and ask them to choose the trade they want to do. We recommend them to choose for themselves instead of NDE choosing for them. And those who can’t afford leaving in urban areas we also mobilised our team to teach them in the rural areas”.

Our correspondent who was part of the delegation visited the site of one of the beneficiary Andesiya Iliya Adamu, who is now the CEO of Andy Footwears enterprise, a shoe making and coppling shops, he said with the help of NDE now he has employed 6 workers and have 15 apprentice.

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He asserts that ” I started as an apprentice under NDE, they train me for a year, and after they give me loan to start up my business. Today I’m building a new shop and I’ve established myself thanks to NDE.

Adamu who said he was a young graduate with no hope of getting a white collar job but with the help of NDE today he has people working for him and he pay them monthly.

Also, Adam Dawi Mshelbwala a beneficiary and the proprietor of El-Roi Primary and secondary schools says says NDE is like his parents, “they gave me loan of N300,000 ten years ago, and today with that, I’m running a school with about 700 students. Even though I’m lacking infrastructure, but with the help of NDE I have built a standard school”.

Mshelbwala now runs a successful school with the loan he obtained, according to him he has 44 teachers working under him.

The delegation were able to reach out to three beneficiaries within the city of Jalingo including the shop of Cornelius Ngala who is a whether, according to Ngala, he was trained by the Commission in the 90s and he has trained more than 60 youth and now have 6 employees on a monthly stipend.

The State NDE Coordinator, who explained that the beneficiaries were trained in modern facilities depending on their prefer choice of work and where giving capital at the end of their training.

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