NBBF Reserves Qualifiers Right To FIBA/NBA BAL For Nigerian Clubs

The Nigeria Basketball Federation has warned teams not to bank on the supposed Premier League Basketball Final 8 taking place in Abuja as qualifiers for the 2021 FIBA/NBA Basketball African League.

The warning became necessary after the Taskforce whose membership remained shrouded in secrecy invited teams to Abuja for a purported Final 8.

The action which is not just an effort in futility is also a clear usurpation of NBBF constitutional duties by the unknown Taskforce reinforced by the latest FIBA letter addressed to the NBBF President, Engr Musa Kida and the Nigeria Olympics Committee.

According to NBBF Boss, Engr Musa Kida, “Sadly, this is another booby trap that may lead to another long drawn case(s) that may upset the normal flow of domestic basketball in Nigeria”.

“We have been here before and it is sad that many of us forget what led us to a situation where the NBBF found itself in court courtesy of the booby trap put in place by the former board to destabilize domestic basketball in Nigeria”.

Engr Kida lamented that some staff of the Federal Ministry of Sports have connived with some self-serving individuals who are hell bent on destroying the game in Nigeria.

“We are not stopping any team from participating in any competition anywhere across the country. We have always desired more games for our players and we encourage them to take advantage of any competition to get ready for the Final 8”.

Clubs and players have therefore been advised that no result from any competition apart from the duly organised competition by the NBBF board will serve as a ticket to any continental competition.

“No nomination whether at the club or national team level will be honored except it comes from the duly recognised Nigeria Basketball Federation board until such a time that a constitutionally binding election will be held.”

In its last letter, FIBA expressly stated that no other body or group of people will be allowed to interfere in the internal administration of the NBBF in line with its statutes.

NBBF Media Committee

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