Nasarawa south 2023: Between Wonderful Performance And Ethnic Politics (Part One) By Muazu Abari

There is no single ethnic group in Nasarawa state no matter its numerical strength that can do it alone in Nasarawa politics without the supports of other tribes we all need each other to move forward as people bound by love and common destiny which prompted the people of the state to perished their ethno tribal interest to come together as brothers and sisters to actualised the creation of Nasarawa State in 1996.

Since the creation of Nasarawa state the people come to appreciates the importance of living together as one big united family where every one matters and they have been co-existing peacefully without recourse to ethnic sentiment until in 1999 election when some ethnic champions who have nothing to offered the people decided to introduced ethnic politics into the state and succeeded to Hoodwinked their people into embracing this path of self destruction which pitched them against other tribes in the state and make it impossible for them to produced governorship seat of the state.

Most people expected that the defeat of ethnic politics in Nasarawa from 1999 to date especially under the immediate past administration of Sen.Tanko Almakura who succeeded to trumped Nasarawa ethnic card in his 8 years as governor will served as a lesson to these retrogressive elements whose understanding of politics did not go beyond the confined of ethnicity but Alas some of them seems not to have learnt any lesson from those before them as some ethnic bigots are hellbent in dragging Alago Nation into their pit of hell which have consumed other ethnic groups in the past in Nasarawa politics.

Despite the fact that other ethnic groups in the state have been fair to Alago people in the political equation of the state and the senetorial district but unfortunately for them the Alago people are politically wise ,accomondative and too educated to allowed themselves to be Hoodwinked into ethnic politics knowing too well that politics is all about development and impacting on the society based on individual competence,credibility,antecedents,records and achievements not the colour of his skin,ethnic,tribal or religion inclinations.

What these retrogressive elements failed to take into consideration is that the Alago people didnt believed in ethnic politics that was why they choosed Abdullahi Adamu and Tanko Almakura in 1999,2003 and 2011 against their own son ex- Gov.Doma of blessed memory the promoters of ethnic politics in Nasarawa south need not to be reminded that this brand of politics have never succeeded in the state since 1999 and it will never succeed in future and those who adopted this strategy always ended up in shame and political golgotha.

Incase they have forgotten they need to be reminded that if not for former Gov.Abdullahi an Afo by tribe and supports of other ethnic groups an Alago man in person of EX-Gov.Akwe Doma of blessed memory would not have became Governor in 2007despite the numerical strength of Alago people in Nasarawa afterall,other tribes in the state have been morethan fair to the Alagos in the senetorlal seat of Nasarawa south from 1999 to date.

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A look at the senetorlal seat of Nasarawa south from 1999 to date will comfirmed this fact suffice it to said that with the restoration of democrary in 1999 the people of the zone voted for sen.Haruna Abubakar of blessed memory from lafia local government who spend only one term 1999 to 2003.He was succeeded by an Alago man from Doma sen.emmanuel okpede who also spend one term from 2003-2007 after which another Alago people from Akwatashi in obi local government sen.sulaiman Adokwe and sen.Hussaini Egye spend cumulative period of 12 year’s from 2007 to 2019 when Adokwe lost his fourth term bid to Almakura in 2019.

From the above analysis it is crystal clear that in the last 23 years of our democratic journey the Alago people have dominated the senetorial seat of the zone for 16 years leaving only 7 years to other tribes in the zone including the 3 years spend so far by Almakura in the senete therefore,resorting to ethnic politics against other tribes in the zone despite all their supports in all these years amount to pitching Alago nation against other ethnic groups in the zone and by extension the state which will not urgur well for the Alago nation and their politics.

The forthcoming senetorial election in Nasarawa south come 2023 is a straight forward battle between wonderful performance and ethnic politics and between moving forward and retrogressing backward and at the center of this battle is incumbent sen.Umaru Tanko Almakura the architect of modern Nasarawa State who is going into the election with intimidating records of achievements both as governor and as senetor and Hon.mohammed ogoshi onawo former speaker and rep member who is banking on ethnic sentiment and tribal strength to see him through in the election.

Taal- sen.umaru Tanko Almakura is one of the greatest gifts to the people of Nasarawa state and his senetorlal district of Nasarawa south.He is a man of many parts who never abhor vindictiveness in his politics a teacher by training,accomplished business man by practiced and a politician of reputes by calling known with a reputation for intergrity,passion for humanity and love for the common man who rosed to prominence through sheer dint of hardwork, dedication and commitments to achieved political greatness and put his footprints in the sands of time.

Having build a successful business umpire spanning beyond the shores of the country with so many accomplishments in business,politics and governance Almakura emerged from the business to hit the political atmosphere of Nasarawa state like a thunderstorm in 2011 to ended the 12 years of PDP ruled in Nasarawa politics which swept away ex-Gov Akwe Doma of blessed memory to dustbin of history described by most political analysts as the first political revolution in the history of Nasarawa politics.

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On assumption to office he vowed to changed the development narratives of the state and leave Nasarawa better than he met it or than any one ever dared to imagined with these commitments and amids financial strangulation,intimidating debt profile and complete lost of confidence in governance of the state Almakura who inherited a completely grounded state without a single asphalt road swung into actions to fulfilled his promises to the people of the state.

He kickstarted his administration with the payment of 18,900 as new minimum wage to civil servants in the state even beyond the federal government approved amount and also embarked on massive constructions of urban and rural roads with dual carriage ways and street lights across the state as well as opening and linking up communities with roads network and other basic amenities never experienced in the history of the state since its creation.

Lafia the state capital which was a glorified village was transformed into an attractive state capital with massive roads constructions,traffic and street lights at designated points to regulates human and vehicular movements among other urban renewal efforts.The education sector of the state which was on life supports waiting for its untimely death and under locks and keys were salvaged and re-opened for academic activities and witnessed deployment of resources which saw massive establishments, rehabilitations ,equipping and renovations of schools across the state.

For the first time in the history of Nasarawa storey buildings with world class equipments were build as primary schools known as Taal model schools in all the 13 Local governments so also a brand new special schools for the disabled in 3 senetorial districts located in lafia,Akwanga and keffi.also a brand new 3 storey building hostels accomondations were build in all the state owned tertiary institutions namely Nasarawa state University keffi, Nasarawa polytechnic lafia,college of education Akwanga,college of Agric lafia as well as recruitments of teachers, payment of schoolarship,free education among others.

The health sector of the state was also not left out but witnessed significant improvement apart from upsetting the backlog of salary arrears and implementation of the new salary structure for doctors and other health workers the administration have introduced free medical service to pregnant women and children under 5 years in addition to massive constructions and upgradings of general hospitals,primary health care centres,recruitments of health workers and construction of new model hospitals in 3 senetorial districts.

Other achievements of the administration can be seen in the areas of tremendous improvement in power and water supply as a result of massive procurements,distributions and instillations of of transformers, rehabilitations of water projects in Lafia,Mada station,Nasarawa Eggon,Akwanga,Doma,wamba, Nasarawa,keana among others as well as in the area of digital land administration,rejevenation of the transportation sector,constructions of brand new modern markets across the state,lafia international cargo airport among many other intimidating achievements.

Within 8 years in office Almakura has raised the bar of governance in the state by re-writing the development history of the state and turned Nasarawa into a model of good governance and infrastructural development in Nigeria to the pride of all with his legacies scattered across all sectors of the State which prompted the people of the state to nicknamed him the architect of modern Nasarawa state and supported his decision to bring Gov.Abdullahi sule as his successor and also rewarded him with the senetorial seat of Nasarawa south in 2019.

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Since his election into the senete Almakura continued to make his constituents proud with his brand of representation which continued to glorify the name of his constituency and the state in the eyes of the world with his vibrancy,legislative acumen, frequent and brilliant contributions to debates on the floor of the senete which further endeared him to the hearts of his colleaques,constituents and those that matters in government which enabled him to attract projects and intervations to his constituency from government ministries, departments and agencies.

He is always in the forefront lobbying for projects,sponsoring motions and bills that will add value to the lives of his people and deepening democracy in the country some of these bills includes arms control bill, federal university lafia teaching hospital bill now law ,mining sector reform bill among others.interms of projects execution he has constructed and rehabilitated so many roads in all the 5 local governments of his zone which includes construction of rural accesss road in shabu, provision of road infrastructures in mining communities from Ashige – ugah – fadaman Bauna in lafia local government.

Provision of road infrastructures in mining communities from Agyaragu to kwarra,from obi – ikposege – Assakio in obi local government,from Kanje – jankwe in Awe local government,from Idadu – Agbashi in Doma local government others are construction of road and drains along orphanage home linking GT bank and jos road in lafia local government, construction of township road with surface dressing in Daddare obi local government,construction of road and drains behind Taal hotel lafia, construction of bridge between kwandare and BAD among many roads projects scattered in his senetorlal district .

In the area of education he has carried out massive constructions, renovations,rehabilitations,equippings and distributions of instructional materials to schools across his senetorlal district expanding millions of naira some of these schools includes Nasarawa special school for disabled,Danka primary school near kwandare,Gidan sule primary school kadarko,,Asha primary school Azara among others.He has also constructed upgraded and equipping of hospitals and clinics in his constituency.

Other achievements includes constructions of primary health care centre in Doma,Daddare and other parts , distributions of transformers,intergrated street lights,drilling of solar boreholes in different communities, distributions of Agriculture inputs and chemicals to farming population, distributions of food items,financial supports to communities, capacity building trainings, distributions of empowerment tools such as grinding machines,sewing machines, generating sets among other lives saving intervations.

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