NANS Commends CBN Governor Over Entrepreneurship Scheme


The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has commended the CBN Governor for the impact driven vision of the Tertiary Institutions Entreprenuership Scheme

NANS President, Sunday Asefon, while speaking to a group of stakeholders and student leaders in Bauchi State at the weekend, said if everyone placed in office could generate ideas that have far reaching effect on the Economy and Populace then Nigeria can claim to be on the path to greater glory.

“As Students and Stakeholders, the population of our graduates flowing into the market of Joblessness is alarming, our training and experience causes our expectations to be heightened at graduation and the hopes gets dashed after youth service.”

“Union Leaders are under tremendous pressure by graduates on how to access programmes of Government or how to get Jobs from the Market as none seems coming forth. This has led to the new slang called the “Pool of Unemployment”, if only those placed in office in this new age recognise that the burden placed on them is that of creativity and to generate noble initiatives then the Nation could be celebrating greater glory”.

Responding the Students Union Leader from kwara state and Kadpoly said Emefiele deserves standing ovation, “This is long overdue…he said ” How can tertiary Institutions be training us to become unemployed, this is a misnormer and this initiative is bold and deserves a standing ovation ”

While encouraging the students of campuses, their graduates and even employers to imbibe the culture of entrepreneurship, the former Senate President of NANS, who also is the CEO of Youths&Jobs Company, Smart Edwards said The best days are around. He said the Interventions of the Emefiele led CBN are both Strategic and doing the Magic.

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With over 200,000 graduates every batch going to serve, it means half a million people will serve every year and in one single democratic 4year tenure the whole country has to deal with 2million Jobseekers in addition to the stranded ones.

“Smart Edwards poured encomuims on the scheme when he said ” so this TIES …is not just a scheme, it is an inoculation, its a jab, a wake up call and a change of culture, infact Emefiele has emerged as a Governor of Innovations, a pride of tertiary Institution himself. No doubt this is one re-appointment Mr President should be proud of.

I mean look at it, for the first time the CBN is addressing content not the Container, Tertiary Institutions should be solution centres. How can you go to school for 4-5years to come out and become a mess in the name of Job seeking? TIES has given direction and the society can now look up to the high towers again.

“This man, in one breath battled to save the country from saboteurs ABOKI FX, went down down to peasant farmers through ABP, engaged household’s and Small businesses via AGSMEIS, during Covid and Post Covid businesses got life via TCF and the 100 companies rollover in 100 days programme PPP for productivity, this is not data, these are Jobs, these are steps that are strengthening the Economy, these are noble initiatives, its the real deal between Citizens and their Country, the Economy and its people.

Through the TIES 25000 graduates would be granted facilities to boost innovation and modest 75000 jobs are created in the offing, so the Governor’s acts are delightful, should be encouraged, be well publicized, monitored and Institutions should take advantage of this curve and make historical marks out of it.

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This particular CBN is in partnership with the people, they are deliberately creating a mid economy, people are scaling up, jobs are pouring out, levels are changing dramatically,different sectors are seeing light, therefore there’s an atmosphere of hope been created.

He said Students must brace up for the task handed over to their generation, to become creative from the word go, the President is addressing Infrastructure, the green tie Governor is leading innovation from the front, so the vision to lead Nigeria out of its shelf lies on the young men and women within the four walls of the Universities and Polytechnics, Lecturers and Students and their Stakeholders alike.

Reiterating the facts, he said, we can all do it, Lets create more Jobs. On its Part, it commended the team at the CBN and ended by saying clearly “Emefiele, you are worth your reappointment indeed” i salute his courage.

Abubakar Barde, the CPC Chairman said Students and stakeholders should also prepare to champion this cause of change by leveraging technology for economic impact. We can be locally rooted and globally connected just by understanding and using our comparative advantage in a more creative, acceptable and easy manner as a productive and innovative professional would. So it is right for NANS to reflect, evaluate and prioritize our values, it is time to intelligently get involved and participate productively rather than settling or remain perpetual protesters.

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