Name Terrorists Sponsors Now, CAN Tells FG 

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has called on the federal government to name the sponsors of terrorists activities in the country.
According to CAN, if the terrorists sponsors are not exposed and the carnage stopped, there may be no election in Nigeria in 2023.
Speaking at the Inclusive Security Dialogue Retreat organised by Vision Africa and Global Peace Foundation, the  CAN President, Ayokunle Samson, said the security agencies must ensure it address the security of the country before the elections.
“We must not wait for the 2023 elections before we address the security problem.  This is the right time to do what we need to do for the election to hold.
“Passing that law is what I must comment the national assembly and the president. But the law is not enough if there is no level playing ground for all contestants.
“Care must be taken at ensuring that security agencies are not use to intimidate opponent. The election is for the future of the country and not party,” Ayokunle said adding that a wrong choice will cause problem for the country.
“Nigeria is beyond personal interest of any politician. Nigerians must reject desperate politicians. Nigerians must reject money bag politicians. Don’t let them take your heart if you are too hungry to take the money,” the CAN President told Nigerians.
“We have power of our vote to reject corrupt politicians. Be very deliberate. Don’t only follow political parties. Political party should not determine who you should vote for. The 2023 elections should go beyond ethnicity, religion and tribe.Care must be taken to ensure that these security agencies do not bamboozled anyone. The Service Chiefs should educate their men so that they are not use against opponents,” Ayokunle said.
The CAN President also insisted that INEC must adhered to the electoral law and be fair to every contestants.
“Both permanent and adhoc staff background checks should be carry out before assignment is given to them.
The CAN President who also urged the federal government to resolve their differences so that students can go back to school, said enough is enough.
On the ASUU and the federal government disagreement, enough is enough. Let’s all ensure that our children go back to school because we are playing with their future. The lecturers must go back to class and teach our children,” he said.
NANS President, Comrade Sunday Asefon, who expressed dismay over the continue strike that has kept alot of youths at home, said they have already spent 56 days without being in schools.
Sunday who said it is not only the students that are being used for election rigging, added that the lecturers and the Vice Chancellors are the ones announcing election results they know are faulty.
“Students now read to graduate or read to just pass. If we have a better university system, my colleagues will not leave this country to study abroad.  Our people keep going outside the country for medical treatment. Those it means that our hospitals and school can’t be fix and equipt?
“N228 billion was said to have been spent on school feeding. Who are they deceiving? Why can’t they solve the problems of ASUU strike? I grow to know about ASUU strike. We must support our lecturers to make the university better,” Sunday added.
According to him, “When you want to protest, the security agencies will not get intellence to arrest bandits, ritualists but they will come after peaceful protesters.
“Our lecturers should open their eyes.they should not allow themselves to be use. It’s not only the students they are using, politicians are also using our Vice Chancellors to rig election. Our lecturers must go against this.
“As a Nigerian student leader, we are responsible students. If students did not go back to school, you are giving them the opportunity to join banditry,” Sunday said.
The head of Vision Africa, Bishop Sunday Onuoha, said in Nigeria today, farmlands are not safe, railways are not safe, highways not safe including airports.
“We must be careful not to wake up one day to hear that non-state actors have blocked Mr. President from coming out of the villa.
“As of today, most of our national leaders no longer go back to their villages. Many are now Abuja based, but even Abuja is no more a safe heaven. Our fortified walls and mechanized gates will do little to ward off a well calculated and organized band of marauders. We do not need a 4-year degree course of study to end the wanton destruction that threatens to destroy our heritage,” Onuoha said.

To tackle these problems, the Bishop said Nigerians must deliberately choose to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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“Men of good conscience and consciousness must rise above ethnic sentiments and religious fanaticism to address these bedeviling challenges as our common enemy. Regardless of which region we were born in (a factor none of us could control), we all have the same basic needs, and we all feel pain and hurt the same way.

“In dealing with the security situation in Nigeria, we must stop ethicizing it. Criminals and extremists are found in every ethnic group and there are also men of good character in every ethnic group. Let men of good will from every part of our country come together for the sake of our shared humanity, because without one, the other suffers.

“Let’s be careful about the requirement for state of origin during census and data gathering in Nigeria, because that in itself is divisive and does not portray us as a nation. We cannot be indirectly driving division and at the same time be preaching unity. Our young ones will ask us blunt questions that may be hard to answer if we don’t correct that anomaly now.

“Each generation has her own challenge or cross to carry; but only an intentional intergenerational collaboration will speed up the process. There must be men and women who will stand tall across the generations; who will not compromise standards for the sake of posterity. We must rise to salvage our generation and no one can do it for us,” Onuoha added.

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