My Mother, My First ‘Val’

By James Patrick

You did not abort me, when your contemporaries where experimenting with abortion. In your peaceful womb, you preserved me and gave me the most secured accommodation. You did not terminate me, when other pregnant girls were terminating their still born baby boys. You nurtured me until I came out a bouncing, lovely, cute and good looking baby boy. You did not abort your pregnancy, in immediacy, despite the government’s abortion policy, legalizing and calling it exigency. You loved me more than your own ego and pride. You cherished me more than your name and shame. You cared less who you wanted to be, but cared more who I would become. You lost family, you lost friends. You lost good neighbors, you lost juicy favors. You lost seniors, you lost saviors.

You lost shelters, you lost your sleep. You suspended all your beautiful ambitions, you missed your matriculation, you forfeited your admission and paused all your pursuit for higher education just to welcome my coming into this world with grand celebration.

Your lost everything just to bring me to life. You lost all, just to give me life. You gave up everything, just to ensure I stay alive. For you not to abort me, it cost you everything you’ve got.

For you not to flush me down the toilet, you had to give up every single penny, including the once in your purse and inside the wallet. It was not a chewing gum decision you took to keep me for nine solid months despite the fact that all hell went haywire, your stuck your life to maintain the tough decision to keep the ‘unwanted pregnancy’. You put everything on the line just to keep the so called ‘unintended pregnancy’.

Your courage to keep me well in your womb, did not come out of the government decision to legalize or not to legalize abortion. They may legalize or declare abortion illegal in our society, but at the end of the day, the final decision boils down to the being carrying the pregnancy.

It was at your own discretion to keep me or to kill me, it was within your powers to mare me or to make my unformed body. But you chose the former. A billion years would never be enough to pay you mum. A trillion years spent thanking you would be like a tip in the ice bag.

I will spend every second of my life honoring you, because, you and every other heavy woman out there who reject abortion represent an epitome of a strong and virtuous woman. Happy Valentine mum, congratulation my angel, your son is now a full grown responsible man!

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