My Bouncing Future

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

My bouncing future,
Please look at my eyes?
And listen to my words,
Then! I want a good day.

My bouncing future,
Please give me your ears?
And heed to intension,
Then! I deserve better days.

My bouncing future,
Kindly sit on my heart?
Please me with goodness,
Give me a sounding end.

My bouncing future,
Kindly sleep on my mind!
Please me with my fulfillment,
Give me a pleasant finale.

Only God has created you for me,
Only me, God and you knows you
I was told you can never be changed
As you are a programme of the God.

Dear bouncing future,
Please give me full mouth in earth?
When others are taking about wealth
In your era and In the final heaven.

Now, You are a mysterious belief,
That have the ability
To appear in reality.
All I want is totality in relief.

So awesome to me
That I can project you,
Give the golden strength
And the power to rule the world.

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