Muslims/Christians Group Supports South West’s Operation Amotekun

The Interfaith Dialogue Forum For Peace (IDFP) a group made-up of both Muslims and Christians in Nigeria has said that Operation Amotekun from the South West Zone will help to address the issue of insecurity such as kidnapping, banditry and any other forms of attacks in the zone.
The Co-chair, executive council of IDFP, Alhaji Ishaq Kunle Sanni, who spoke at a press conference in Abuja said what brought the Amotekun operation was  a call from the people.
“People were clamouring for the state police because they are the ones in the neighborhood and are in the best positions to know the radicals, the hoodlums, the hooligans and all these people around that are causing the crisis.”
“So, when you have this type of thing it helps. Even though the thing is still contenstiuous, I believe at the end of the day, goverment will understand whichever way they wants to do it.”
“The Amotekun is not police but just like the vigilante group. So we know at the end of the day the goverment and the people of South West will reach a consensus and they will all agree that we must have neighborhood policing,” he said.
According to Sanni, Army Generals are being kidnapped adding that if such people are kinapped,  what will happen to the common man?
He louded the current administration for taken the fight against insecurity as it number one priority, adding, “Seriously we cannot say the situation now is as bad as it was before but the problem here is that we have been sentimental and emotional about some of these things.”
“I know before this goverment came into power, Boko Haram were controlling almost every where in Borno state but now it is not like that. So I believe something that started one day will surely finish one day,” Kunle said.
Also speaking, the Co-chair of the executive council, Bishop Sunday Onuoha, said last year, there were a lot of security challenges but added that the spate of insecurity have reduced.
He said Nigeria is now 50 years after the civil war insisting that people have learned from the past experience.
“If you did not learn anything from yesterday, your today is valueless and you cannot walk into tomorrow with a purpose. We should hold ourselves accountable to where we did not do well, and that is why we are telling the goverment to ensure the release of Leah Sharibu and the CAN leader respectively,” Onuaha said adding that every person is entitled to right to freedom and faith.
“Therefore, goverment have what it takes to ensure their release,” Onuaha said of the Boko Haram captives.
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