Music Critic Who Gave Taylor Swift’s Album A Rating Of 8/10 Is Threatened By Her Fans Who Says Her Life Is On The Line

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

Taylor Swift fans have harassed Pitchfork’s editor following her review of the star’s new album, which, though positive, wasn’t sparkling enough.

On Monday Pitchfork’s senior editor Jillian Mapes published a review of the singer’s eighth album Folklore, and hours later was bombarded with angry messages on social media where crazed fans tweeted out her address, phone number and photos of her home and herself.

However, Mapes’s review gave Swift’s album an eight out of 10 rating and praised it as ‘a sweater-weather record filled with cinematic love songs and rich fictional details.’

The review wasn’t positive enough for fans who harassed the writer even though the score wasn’t her own, it was determined by the ratings of multiple staffers.

Die-hard fans proceeded to dox the editor, threaten to burn her home, and send her ‘hexing’ tweets paired with satanic images of Swift.

One tweet paired with a demonic image of Swift was written in the Ethiopian language Amharic saying: ‘Anyone who comes after the Dark Queen, Taylor Swift, dies alone and will be burned forever.
You will be filled with your dark fears and demons. You will never be happy and sleep well again.’

Mapes has even been targeted with death threats on and off the internet, including late-night threatening phone calls to her cell phone.

Some of those calls came in around two in the morning, just an hour after her review was published online.

Mapes tweeted Tuesday she’s received ‘more Twitter threats to roll up and harm me than I could stomach to go through.’

‘I’ve gotten too many emails saying some version of, “you are an ugly fat bitch who is clearly jealous of Taylor, plz die,” which is not the first time I’ve heard that from pop stans…’ she said.

‘It sucks to be scared of every person milling about outside or feel like you can’t answer the phone. That said, I am safe and doing fine,’ she added.

She’s now made her Twitter account private.

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