MoU: We Give You Trust, You Abandoned Us, Jama’a-Sanga Group Chides Sarkin Noma

The Jemaa – Sanga Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mass Mobilisation and Equity Movement (MMEM) has chided the member representing the area in the House of Representatives, Hon Nicholas Garba Shehu (Sarkin Noma) for making efforts aimed at jettisoning a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) they had in 2018.
According to MMEM, they gave Sarkin Noma their trust but he abandoned them.
The group which said Sanga LGA has been reduced to worthless pawns in the political chess game of Sarkin Noma, a man  nursing a Senatorial ambition, insisted such a man can’t be trusted again.
The group said they will ensure they raise another leader in their constituency who they can trust with political power.
A statement issued by MMEM and signed by the chairman and secretary, Haladu Muazu Aboro and Samuel Ezekiel Ogah respectively, the group said the MoU they signed involving Sarkin Noma is characterized by gross selfishness, breach of trust and abandonment.
“Trust is assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something; one in which confidence is socially and politically, the ordinary dictionary definition captures, in clear terms, the expected reciprocity when trust is involved with emphasis on respect and recognition.
“It is on this premise that we the undersigned write to place in the public domain, the non- chalan attitude of Hon Shehu Nicholas Garba (Sarkin Noma), Member representing Jema’a/Sanga Federal Constituency, in a case of gross selfishness, breach of trust and abandonment.
“Kindly recall that sometimes in 2018, an MoU was arranged and ratified by some selected persons from PDP Jema’a and Sanga  Federal Constituency which gave Sarkin Noma the ‘sole’ right to contest for third term, subject to the understanding that Sanga LG is given the House of Representatives ticket, unconditionally, at the expiration of his mandate.
“Sadly, the resolutions of the MoU of 2018 may not come to fruition. Reason is that Hon Shehu Nicholas Garba, the beneficiary of the MoU from Jema’a, who was surreptitiously instrumental to the materialization of the agreement, has shown little or no interest in the resurrection of the letter and the spirit of the document now that 2023, the supposed year for the reactivation of the understanding is near.
“From all indications, Sanga LG has been reduced to worthless pawns in the political chess game of Sarkin Noma who now nurses a Senatorial ambition,” the group said.
The group said Sanga people were led into the arrangement by what they described as the cunning disposition of Sarkin Noma and his co- travellers.
“He should be blamed for whatever fate that befalls the MoU that was freely given and entrusted in the conscience of a man people believed so much,” MMEM said adding that they will ensure they raise another leader they can entrust with agreement.
“Now that the MoU, which was our hope to connect with mainstream politics at federal level after so many years is at the verge of being jettisoned, due to the self- centeredness of someone we entrusted with our political future, we take solace in the ability of providence to raise another leader whose emergence shall be a lifting to us in Sanga,” the group said.
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