Miyetti Allah Organises Fulani Festival

By Musa Sunusi Ahmad

The Nigerian Fulani under the auspices of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore will organise the first annual Fulani cultural festival in Abuja to showcase cultural heritage of their people.

Speaking with Newsmen, the National Director Media and Communication of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Bala Bayero said the festival is meant to bring back the lost or abandoned pular culture.

“In line with the above subject, we intend to visit the Fulani settlements (Ruga) so that to reach out to the Fulbe at the local level in which we are also going to sensitize herdsmen on the need to introduce modern rearing techniques.” He said

He said the cultural festival would help in uniting the fulbe of Nigeria and other African countries.

Bayero, stated that one of the reasons behind going to the fulani settlements under the program, ‘Mu leka Ruga,’ is to unite all Fulbe groups to be speaking under one umbrella and also mobilize Fulani parents on the need to send their children to schools.

“We also want to clear the negative conception of the fulbe by some Nigerians and to show the world how peaceful we are, and so as to live together in peace and harmony for the development of our country,” he said

One thought on “Miyetti Allah Organises Fulani Festival

  1. This is surely one positive move that will bring multiple benefits to Pular and indeed the entire nation and continental subregion in the future.. The rich culture has certainly suffered setbacks as a result of lack of peace and very negative perceptions generally held by the larger populace. The Leadership of Meyetti Allah should therefore use this opportunity and medium to reverse the perceptions about the group. Permit me to suggest that going forward, an international cultural and tourism Consultant should be used to develope a blue print of a framework for a long-term strategic plan for moving this idea forward.. It will be a great tourism product with potentials beyond the present, with potentials of bringing reverse people’s globally to Nigeria thereby increasing our GDP air travel bussines and associated activities of art and cultural products and services that will spin wealth for a larger size of the populace.

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