By Pharm Abiodun Ajibade FPSN
Pharmaceutical Society Of Nigeria PSN

The loss of the Nigerian Chief of Staff to the President, Mallam Abba Kyari to the cold arm of death as the latest casualty of the ravaging COVID-19 in Nigeria necessitates deeper thought on the health risk to individuals who are locked down by the federal government’s directive to curb the spread of coronavirus.

In the last three weeks or more, Nigerians have been subjected to restriction of movement and forced ‘home arrest’ as a means to curb the
spread of coronavirus in our Nation. Three Nigerian states have been on total lockdown while others have also enforced curfews to limit human movement at this time.

How good this restriction order, is also a big concern of the health risk to class of individuals who by virtue of reduced activities may be coming down with thrombosis.

Thrombosis is a local coagulation or blood clotting in a part of the circulatory system
The blood clots of deep vein thrombosis can be caused by anything that prevents your blood from circulating or clotting normally, such as injury to a vein, surgery, certain medications and limited movement.

As a result of limited movement that most Nigerians have been subjected to, many people may soon be coming down with signs and challenges of thrombosis which is equally life threatening.

As healthcare professionals we must be wary of this development and in addition to various educational activities on how to be safe from COVID-19, ensure we encourage the populace on need to engage in regular exercise and walking to prevent blood stasis resulting in thrombosis.

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Deep vein thrombosis is one major cause of death in patients who have been exposed to the causes of thrombosis and most times, this pass unnoticed. Many lives have been inadvertently lost to DVT without anyone seeing it coming. When the thrombi dislodge, they block the small capillaries thereby denying vital organs of blood supply and ultimately leading to death.

As we continue to remain locked down at home we must be careful of its secondary effects on our health.

People should not be gulping calories daily without due exercise as this may be the crisis waiting for individuals after this lockdown.

We therefore must play safe by practicing social distancing and possibly meal distancing cum exercise to remain strong and well after this passing phase in our nation.

–Pharm Abiodun Ajibade FPSN

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