Mindless, Brainless, Senseless And Useless Robots

By James Patrick

Without a transformed mind, a full grown human being is not better than a Robot. Without a well informed and a well reformed minds, men are mare puppets that could easily be tossed like a pendulum in which ever direction the master so desires. An uninformed or an ill-informed mind is a great danger to the society because such individuals can be controlled or remote-controlled by evil men in the society to carry out and unleash havoc to other peaceful citizens in the society. A Nation in the twenty first century is not considered an advanced Nation just because it has many skyscrapers all over its major cities, many giant tech companies, industries, ultra modern hospitals, long bridges and standard educational structured scattered all around, everywhere in the Country. A Country’s growth is not measured by the number of business tycoons or the number of billionaires parading themselves all over the country. The advancement of any Nation is the number of it’s citizens whose minds have been totally liberated. If the minds of 80% of a Country’s population are still in captivity, the Country cannot be referred to as developed. When a Nation has a large number of it’s population who own a mind of their own, who are well enlightened, whose minds cannot be easily maneuvered and manipulated by trivial issues like; Race, Religion, ethnicity tribalism etc then that Nation can be said to be a twenty first century, world class, highly developed Nation of the world.

The mind is the radar of a man’s life. The mind is the control tower of a man’s destiny. A Man is at the mercy of his own mind. The mind is what makes a man to be called a man – in other word, the mind is what different a man from any domestic or wild animals you see around. It is the mind that human possesses, which animals do not have, that makes some people to refer to certain kind of people as beast whenever they exhibit certain animalistic behavior. Same with the Robot. A robot can do any thing men can do, even faster and easier than any man could. A Robot can carry out delicate intelligent assignment that most men would find it difficult to attempt in their widest imagination. Some robotic engines can lift heavy objects like big size container, which fifty men put together, would not be able to lift. As beautiful as a robot is, as important as the work they do around us to make life easier for us is, as highly intelligent they are made to carry out every of their activities around men is, they do not have a mind of their own! Let me put it this way for better clarification, they do not have a will of their own. Everything you see robots do, has already been preprogrammed by a software engineer sometimes, somewhere. Whether the robot knows it or not, it is of no significance to us here, what we want to establish as a fact is that, any robot you see doing anything outside there, it has already been programmed to do exact what it is doing. The robot in it’s little mindless world would be thinking it is acting out of it’s free will. The robot may also feel that whatsoever it is doing comes willingly from it’s own mind, thus, nobody is influencing or had influenced it to do such a thing. But you and I know the truth that there is somebody, somewhere behind the scene, who put something inside the robot that makes it to function the way it does.

The so called POLITICAL ELITES in Nigeria society, most especially the EVIL NORTHERN ELITES have been able to create the largest number of human robots in our society today. Young men and women, old men and woman who do not have a mind of their own, could be found in every corner of the country in their millions. The human robots are people who cannot think for themselves, who cannot act on their own accord, who cannot live by their own individual nature or principles. They do not question whatever the society says is right. They do not question whatsoever their religion says, through the mouth piece of their religion leaders even if it involves killing their fellow human beings. They dare not question or criticize the preacher man because in their docile minds, “he is the spokes man of God”. To the human robot, the voice of the preacher man is the voice of God. So if the preacher man is the direct voice of God, the words of the preacher man is also the direct words coming from God. If the preacher man says, “Go and kill your fellow brother who does not practice same religion with you. ” it is God that is telling them to go and kill their fellow brother. If a preacher man says, ” hate those who do not have same skin color with you,” it means God is saying they should practice racism. If the preacher says, “your mother or your sister is a witch” it means God is saying that the mother is a witch. The human robot do not question the dictates of their culture or traditions even if it demands the sacrifice of human blood, the sacrifice of a new born baby or the sacrifice of a virgin. In a nut shell, the human robots are those in our society who cannot think for themselves, so they allow race, religion, culture, ethnicity and politicians to think for them. The human robots are always with the crowd. Whatever is popular among the people, whatever is acceptable by the generality of the populace is what they would do or accept. The human robot does not stand aloof – it does not stand out from the crowd. It always joins the bandwagon, even if they are doing evil to humanity. The human robot is altruistic in nature, who craves for the acceptance of others and would do everything (even unspeakable things), just to be in a group.

It is quite painful to know that many of us in this country call Nigeria find ourselves in this quagmire. Without even knowing, we have been programmed to think the way we do, act the way we do and also react to national issues the way we do. Many of us have lost our individuality. We have totally lost our own unique personality. We have lost our peculiarity in our search for popularity. We no longer think for ourselves, we allow religion, politics, ethnicity and sentiments to do that for us. Take a good look at the Northern part of this country, you would have no reason to doubt what am saying. The Elites in this region have used ethno-religion as a tool to create millions of human robots who hates, kill, main, loot and plunder other people who do no belong to the same religion or share the same ethnic affiliation with them. With one single word, one of our popular northern elite can spark off a religious crisis that could lead to the death of thousands in a split of seconds. Using the instrument of ethno-religion, a wicked politicians whom everybody knew has evil intention towards the country could win election in a landslide victory, not because he is the right man for the job, but because he is a Christian or muslem who belong to certain anointed ethnic group that were destined to rule. This is what the northern elite wanted right from the onset, they wanted a people who cannot think for themselves, so deployed every means to ensure that quality education does to reach the people. Even when they needed a handful of them to be a little bit educated so that they would carry out clerical activities in the office, they gave them half baked education (an education that would enable them to read, write and communicate averagely in English language), not the type of education that would make them think or the type that would enable them own a mind of their own.


1. THEY ARE USABLE BUT USELESS; I remembered Alexandra de pope who said, and I quip, ” politics is the madness of many for the benefit of few people.” I think he is very right when you take a look at the Nigerian situation very closely. The otiose politicians who created the human robot need them to get into power. They use them to win election either by fraud, (using electoral umpires to rig election) or by force, ( using the so called political thugs to kill, steal and snatch ballot boxes). These human robots are only usable at that moments, once the politician gets into power, they become useless. The politician after clinching unto power, he or she immediately dumps the human robot because they are no more useful. The human robot in the eyes of a Nigerian Politician is like a piece of rag use in mopping the floor, after which it would be thrown inside a Dustin.

2. THEY ARE MANIABE BUT MINDLESS; The human robot could easily be twisted to whichever direction the master wants it to turn. If the master wants it to kill, it would kill. If the master wants it to destroy, it would destroy. If the master wants it to hate, it would hate for no just reason. If the master wants it to die, it would die because the master already controls the radar – which is the mind. The master has the master key to the control tower. A good example is the Boko boys, the suicide bombers. If not that they have become so mindless, how can somebody tell you to kill yourself while the same person is alive. How can somebody tell you that God says, “if you kill an unbelievable, seven virgins are waiting for you in heaven”. If paradise is what the preacher man described it to be, then why is the preacher man and his entire household not in a hurry to go there? is the preacher man or our greedy politicians now allergic to silver and gold?. Why is the preacher man telling me about a place he himself is not prepared to go to? Why is the preacher man telling me to go kill others while his wife and children are safe at home?

3. THEY ARE EXPENDABLES BUT ALSO EXPEDIENT; The human robot are expedient because they were created to serve the purpose of their masters even without their own knowledge. The politician who refuses to build school or improve the sordid educational structure has an agenda in mind. He wants to build prison. All the human robots whom he refused to educate could be use to win election and after the election, they would also be sent to prison because they are no more useful. The moment they have been used for the purpose in which they were initially created for, they become dispensable!

4. THEY ARE CONTROLLABLE AND SOMETIME UNCONTROLLABLE; Because the human robots do not have a mind of their own, they can be controlled or remote controlled any day, any time. They are like zombies, they only obey the last order and sometime can go bizarre or too extreme in the way they go about their masters business.

Now, the way forward out of this human robots most of us have found ourselves is to emancipate ourselves from mental subjugation, mental inferiority and the mental subservients way of thinking. This haphazard colonial type of education we were given is a mental slavery, kind of education, which would do us no good at all. It beckons on us as individual to educate our minds by ourselves. It’s up to us to either liberate our minds or we would continue to remain where we are. Our leaders would not do this for us, because this is exactly what they wanted. Our educational system would not either, because the leaders designed it to be so. To liberate our minds is a personal journey and every Nigerian youth must take it upon his or herself to do the needful. Our mind as a people is the biggest problem we have in this Nation, not all these corrupt politicians ruling us. Why they are able to do whatever they are doing is because they know they would get away with it. They know we as a people are like robots, that they can be tame and control us to the direction they so desire. The very day they realise that we are now human being (the ways God created us to be). Not human robot ( the way they recreated us to be). Then, our nation would be free from the shackles of corruption which has destroyed this country in no small way.

Thank you!

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