Messages Of The Nobel Laureate..WOLÉ SÓYINKÁ: The Spirit Of African Literature Of Today

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

‘Aké’ has the ‘memory of the childhood’,
‘Ìbàdàn, the memoirs for the Penkelemes years’.
In the Biafra crises, many thought ‘The man died’;
The disappearance that turned to ‘The prison note’.
Babátúndé Sóyinká; ‘The road’ before ‘The King Baabu’.

The creation for the dictatorship’s confusion; ‘Alá̀pata Apatá’.
‘The trial of brother Jero’ projects ‘Jero’s metamorphosis’
‘Before the black-out’.
‘The plays of the giant’ liberates ‘Ìsarà’ towards the ‘Kongi’s harvest’.
Akínwandé Sóyinká; ‘King Baabu’ of ‘My father burden’.

‘The madmen and the specialist’; the two visitors
In the forest of Olódumarè
‘Towards a true theater’;
‘Myth, literature and the African world’.
Olúwolé Sóyinká; ‘The dance of the forest’,
In ‘The forest of a thousand demons’.

‘Season of Aromy’, the ‘Quality of the violence’,
‘Seeking for Interpreters’.
‘The Intvition’ of ‘The Early Poems’,
An urgent call to the ‘Telephone conversation’,
For our ‘Culture in transition’.
Proffesor, Wolé Sóyinká; ‘A voice That Would Not Be silenced’.
Now, ‘Keffi’s Birthday Treat’.

Your messages are not context of half measures,
How coward and timid would Africa literature be?
Without aid of the ‘Burden memory’ together with your living spirit.

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