Memory Of Love

By Ajeigbe Tunmise Joseph

When I called on you
You answered me,
Your response was like
A call to hypertension.
You silenced my hope not
To percive a genuine love again.

When I knocked on your door
You opened it for me,
Your innermost was like
The even-hell Pandemonium.
You convinced my thought
To believe in ‘love equals lost’.

When I seek for your affection
You put me on the track,
Your partisanship was like
‘A friendship of lively foe’.
You disbelieve my heart
To always cheekmate trustʼ.

You put tears in my eyes,
Weeping my face with water,
You gave to me short-term joy,
And you expect me to wish you well.

Suliyat! I am missing all your promises,
Your memory is burden of a great lost.

Remember we never say goodbye,
You suddenly terminated
Your love appointment with me.

Your flimflam has weaken my heart
Not to believe in falling in love again.

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