Mbaka: Presidency Not Ready To Deal With Issues On Ground

That Father Mbaka went to the Villa accompanied by three Contractors and requested the President to “reward” him with contracts for past support is balderdash. I do not see how that revelation has helped the goverment to deal with the issue of the President resigning or being impeached.The Presidency , by its statement did not aim to deal with the above other than to scandalize Father Mbaka.

It is a failure on the part of President Buhari not to support those who had supported him. We see this attitude play out in the cases of Engineer Buba Galadima, late Prince Tony Momoh , (who even announced that his family had “donated” him to Buhari). There are hundreds of their type Buhari ignored as he mounted the Presidential seat.
Refer to past ANPP, CPC members and current members of the APC . It has been the same story of Buhari turning his back on those who toiled and spent their resources on him. I wonder how remembering and rewarding people who had assisted him is a sin or could be regarded as corruption. Even when he ( Father Mbaka ), requested and President Buhari was said to have directed his aids that in considering Mbaka’s request, due process should be followed, one may ask if the contractors refused to follow the due process required of them ? Is it a sin , or is it corruption for a priest to ask for assistance , or favour ? He had gone to the person he knew and thought he could assist, but was the assistance given ? Why was it not given as directed by Mr President ? Could Mr President have turned round to give his aids instructions not to assist Father Mbaka? The Presidency did not help him and later , gleefully turned around to say he went to the Villa with three Contractors and directly requested for contracts for the three .What is wrong with that ? It shows the kind of people that surround
the President.
If they felt what Father Mbaka did was corrupt, or wrong ,why did they not expose it at that time and only waited until now that Father Mbaka said something not favourable to them? From the Presidency’s narrative, Father Mbaka couldn’t have said to the President – ” give me contracts in repayment for my past support ” . He could not have tied his request to that. If he did that , it would have been very crude and naive of him.
By thinking that they were exposing Father Mbaka, they were invariably exposing themselves. Here you have somebody, who they admit assisted the President, wouldn’t it have been proper to show appreciation on their own quietely without waiting for him to ask ?

Another point the Presidency alleged was the accusation that Father Mbaka was EVERYTHING ELSE ,other than his Priesthood. He could seek justice in the courts because that is defamation and it is very unfair. It is like killing a mosquito with a sledge-hammer. It shows the level of dissatisfaction with Father Mbaka’s statement. If they knew the President was not what he was alleged to be, why not remain silent on the matter or try to explain the difficulties the President was passing through ? Or, at most, argue that Father Mbaka is not God.
This is an interesting situation. We will wait to see if by that statement Father Mbaka had heard from God.
In fairness to Father Mbaka, he did not claim that he had heard from God. If you read the statement well , Father Mbaka was exercising his citizenship rights of free speech and judgement, based on what he has empirically seen. He did not say , ” look, I had helped the President twice and I am withdrawing my support for him. ” He said what is within public knowledge : Nigeria is at the edge of a precipice and Mr President seem to be absent, or sleeping. In civilised climes Father Mbaka would have been seen as patriotic, by raising such alarm. What he said was a normal thing any citizen would say such as , ” look , in the face of the current level of insecurity in the country, and the President appearing helpless, the options available would be either , the President resigns, or he is constitutionally impeached , by the National Assembly ( if at all they have teeth to bite ).
Since the Presidency , by their statement , did not deny that the Rev.Father had helped in the past, it shows that they are ungrateful. It is unfortunate that they have to pay Father Mbaka that way. He has suffered double jeopardy : first, a good number of Nigerians were not happy with his role on the issue of the elections, and
secondly, inspite of the Presidency not granting his request for assistance, they have gone ahead to expose him to the same public and alleging that ” Father Mbaka is , any other thing , apart from his Priesthood ” . Well , on a second thought, it may serve Father Mbaka right since he was outspoken on a sensitive issue like the election of President Buhari, who it is felt he has squandered the good- will of the Voters. It is said that the primary duty of government , is the promotion of the welfare of the people and the protection of life and property.Government would seem to have lost this primary duty. We need to put hands on deck to salvage the situation .
We concede that Government would not and can not do that alone. Security is the responsibility of all citizens , who are expected to assist the government. Government should not shy away from confessing that it needs assistance of the people.
I would have expected that Father Mbaka’s statement would have been a wake- up call and government knowing, the Father’s past assistance, should have begged him to pray for them and for the country. Unfortunately this opportunity has been wasted.


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