Malabu Heist: HEDA Reveals What Adoke Want To Do  

The attention of our organization, HEDA Resource Centre, has been drawn to recent letter written by immediate past Attorney General of the Federation, Mr. Muhammed Bello Adoke, SAN to the current Attorney General Abubakar Malami over recent pleadings and submission by representative of the FRN before the London High Court of Justice, Business and Property in the action initiated by the FRN against JP Morgan bank in relation to the transfer of $801m Malabu fund.

Since the beginning of the investigation of those 2011 resolution agreements on the OPL245 licence and corruption, bribery and abuse of office associated wit the deal, Mr. Adoke in particular has displayed unimaginable mudslinging, desperation, outright lies and fabrication of evidence to cover his tracks. One of this unbridled fabrication and attempt to muddle the water was his fallacious and fictitious claim of forgery of an email he was accused to have sent to JP Morgan bank officer in his desperate bid to have the $801m fund transferred to accounts controlled by his friends and partners.

Contrary to claims of Adoke, JP Morgan bank submitted was responsible for submitting this said email to the court in the UK as part of evidence for justification of its transfer of the fund. This fact was known to adoke but from inception. Knowing that he is incapable of controverting the claims of JP Morgan, Adoke since 2020 when the email was made public, has failed to challenge JP Morgan on the email but chose to escalate his desperation to despicable level of falsely accusing activists and prosecutors of forgery.

Unfortunately, the current Attorney General compromised the national interest and reputation in conspiring with Adoke to maliciously persecute our Chairman in a cyberstalking charge over an email that Malami’s office told the London Court was sent by Adoke. HEDA in its letter date 5th October, 2021 to Malami drew his attention to the implication of that action for Nigeria in the London and Italy courts. Though, Malami failed to heed the warning of our organization at the time, his unprofessional and miscalculated action has come to threaten the chances of Nigeria in London Court and also hunt him with the latest attack from his once partner in conspiracy.

Whereas we are monitoring developments in London and our lawyers reviewing for appropriate actions against Adoke and his co travellers, Adoke and his lawyer, Paul Erokoro, should be reminded that Mr. Suraju was never charged for forgery. Though, this was the baseless and fabricated complaint of Adoke, the ‘investigation report’ of his compromised police IGP Unit officers failed to establish forgery and but concocted cyberstalking based on sharing of the alleged forged email and fake tape. This was the basis of the frivolous charges filed and subsequently amended by Malami in the misuse of his office that is bound to hunt him for a long time.

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