Leah Sharibu Gives Birth For Boko Haram Commander In Niger Republic

Unconfirmed reports has it that Christian teenager, Leah Sharibu, has given birth to a baby boy for a Boko Haram Commander in Niger Republic.
Leah was abducted from her boarding
school in north-eastern Nigeria by Boko Haram insurgents that kidnapped Dapchi school girls.
All were released except her for refusing to denounce her faith, Christianity.
She gave birth to a baby boy early Saturday, a source was quoted as saying.
Some aid workers released recently by the Boko Haram terrorists said Leah was alive, hale and hearty.

The released workers could not make a comment whether Leah was pregnant or not.

Leah was said to have been married off to a top Boko Haram commander
who lives in Niger Republic.

“Leah was delivered of the baby early Saturday in Niger
Republic,” the source was quoted as saying, adding that the insurgents promise to release her after giving birth.

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