Kwankwaso Urges Buhari To Reduce Fuel, Electricity Tariffs

By Maude Rabiu Gwadabe

Former Kano state governor Rabiu Kwankwaso has called on President Muhammad Buhari to reverse the recent increases in fuel and electricity tariffs.

Mr Kwankwaso, a member of the opposition PDP told BBC Hausa that the price increase will make life more difficult for poor Nigerians.

He said there is no reason for such increases at this time.

“Many countries around the world are providing palliatives for their citizens to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic but in Nigeria we are being punished with hikes in fuel and electricity prices.

“Everyone knows that this is not the right time to do so.

“This will lead to more hunger, insecurity, unemployment, and many other problems.” Mr Kwankwaso said.

He said Mr Buhari should cope with the economic downturn by reducing wastage in his government rather than ‘taxing’ poor people.

“Government business involves revenues and expenditure so the best thing to do is to stop the leaks in the system.

‘Had the government done this, the citizens would have been very happy.” He said.

Mr Kwankwaso added that Nigeria is rich enough to take care of its citizens without increasing fuel and electricity prices.

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