Kogi Commissioner Allegedly Rapes Lady After Facebook Criticism (watch video)

Kogi State Commissioner for Water Resources, Abdumumini Danga, has allegedly raped his sister’s friend, Miss Elizabeth Oyeniyi, after she criticised him of not helping his immidiate family.
Even though Abdumumini is yet to react on the matter, the lady in a video obtained by Elanza News alleged that she was in her friend’s (Abdumumini’s sister) house, when he sent some boys in vehicles that whisked them away to his house.
She said he tortured them, video her nackedness and raped her overnight in the presence of her little son, even when he was crying.
The lady claimed that Abdumumini is part of the people sharing coronavirus palliative in the state but ignored his immidiate family members from the gesture.
She said she posted on her Facebook page drawing the attention of Abdulmuminu that charity begins at home because she was aware of the difficulty Abdumumini’s family were facing.
The Commissioner, it was gathered, only reacted by abducting her and raped her overnight despite the torture she faced when they were abducted.
The issue has brought so much outrage with several people calling on the state governor, Yahaya Bello to sack Abdulmuminu.
Non-Governmental Organisations both locally and foreign are also investigating the issue to ensure justice is done.
 Advocate of Women’s Rights have also swung into action, seeking to unravel the mystery behind the rape issue.
Dorothy Njemanze Foundation in a statement, called for the immediate suspension of Kogi State Commissioner for Water Resources, Abdumumini Danga pending the completion of the investigation by government.
They said the Commissioner allegedly striped, beat up and raped one Miss Elizabeth Oyeniyi after kidnapping her from Okene on the 29th of March 2020 by his thugs.
According to the non-governmental organization, Danga’s suspension will enable a level playing ground for investigation.
The Women’s Rights Activists led by Dorothy Njemanze with support from Action Aid Nigeria and Global Affairs Canada, insisted that the lady in question has had to flee for her life and deserves protection pending the outcome of investigations.
“She and her family are being threatened, they have been receiving incessant threatening calls. She is also currently undergoing medical procedures because of the extent of her injuries.”
Njemanze also disclosed that the same Mr. Danga has also been accused of assaulting another woman and her children a week before this current incident is alleged to have taken place, tearing her clothes, and assaulting the woman and her kids with pepper spray.
“We are dismayed by the recent news of alleged physical and psychological violence perpetrated by the Kogi State Commissioner for Water Resources, Abdulmumuni Danga, against Elizabeth for criticizing him on Social Media.
“This is especially appalling because the accused commissioner allegedly abducted her, physically assaulted her, stripped her naked and took a video recording of her with the threat that the video would be released if she speaks about the incident. As if that was not enough, her phone was destroyed to avoid documentation of evidence, and she was forced to retract her statement and apologize under duress.
“This is the height of abuse of power and outright violation of rights. If left unaddressed, such heinous act by power holders against women will increase thereby leaving women and girls more vulnerable than ever.
“This situation cannot go unaddressed. We are calling on the Kogi state government to demonstrate its commitment to addressing gender-based violence and redeem itself now.
“We are sure that his Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello, is against the abuse of power in office, and an ardent advocate of the fundamental rights of Nigerian citizens, thus, he will not allow this matter be swept under the carpet.
“We are calling on the Kogi state government to demonstrate its commitment to addressing gender-based violence and redeem itself now by immediately suspending Mr. Danga as a Commissioner until the investigation is completed, this will enable a level playing ground for investigation.
“The perpetrator and accomplices of the assault on Elizabeth must be identified and prosecuted in accordance with the law.
“The life and full protection of the survivor, her family and other persons involved in the case, including their property must be guaranteed,” the statement added.
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