Killings: Don’t Listen To S/Kaduna Plight Through Political Proxies, Sani Tells Buhari



Former Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial district in the Red Chamber, Comrade Shehu Sani, said to find solutions to the continues bloodshed in the Southern part of Kaduna, President Mohammdu Buhari must listen to the people directly not by any political proxy.

Sani stated on Tuesday at his official resident in Kaduna during a courtesy visit by the Southern Kaduna Youth Movement.

According to him findings solution to problems of Southern Kaduna by the Federal Government have to start by listening to the People directly not through any Political pipe.

” I could not see any reason that President Buhari is on his six year and he could not see the needful for one day to go to Kafanchan and sit-down and listen to their problems and how to find solutions.

” President Buhari has lived in Kaduna for more than 4-decades more than he has lived in his home State, Katsina.

Shehu Sani stressed the need for the Federal Government to listen to the people of Southern Kaduna not through any proxy, political leaders or through any proxy spokesperson.

He appealed to President Buhari to make it necessary to visit the Southern Kaduna People or invite them to the Villa and discuss with their stakeholders, hear them one-on-one and find solutions to the bloodshed that has continued unabated.

“It is impossible for President Buhari to hear the truth and the reality of Southern Kaduna if such kind of message has to pass through Political pipe before it got to him,” Shehu Sani said.

He explained that the Southern Kaduna region has been considered different by the rest part of the State because of their Political choices, Religious identity and by their ethnic affiliations, adding if the President is a Father for all he must listen directly to the plight of the Southern Kaduna People; from their traditional rulers, political leaders and from their Youth and women representatives in order to get the best ideas on how to end the systematic killings in region.

” I am one of those who passionately believed that, Southern Kaduna was under-developed part of Kaduna State, noting this is as a result of years of political, economic and social exclusion and what I described as apartheid to the people of Southern Kaduna” he said.

” Providence has brought us together as Indigenes and citizens of this State, it was important we unite as a people and respect the religion and dignity of each other in order to build the State.

Adding,” We in the Kaduna Central and those in the Northern parts are not fairing better; kidnapping was worst in the Central and the North more than any parts of the State while killings is worst in the Southern part of the State.

” The only part of Kaduna State that you cannot appreciably locate killings and kidnapping is Kaduna South and Kaduna North but the rest of the 21 States are all in grave danger,” he maintained.

He lamented that over 4-decades of religious and ethnic bloodshed and violence, it has not been helpful for Kaduna State. The state has transited dangerously from religious violence to act of terror and genocide perpetrated by terrorist group in all parts of the State.

The former Senator expressed fear that the State is more divided than they’ve ever been in the history of Kaduna State,stressing Kaduna is a microcosm of Nigeria.

” People in Kaduna State today live were their members of their religious identity lives, that is quiet unfortunate” Shehu Sani decried.

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