Key Players May Walk Away If Chelsea Is Sold, Coach Admits

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has admitted he fears the sale of club could have an impact on negotiations with players who are out of contract in the summer.

Roman Abramovich confirmed on Wednesday that he is looking to sell the Blues after 19 years in charge – following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A number of key Chelsea players are in the final months of their current deals, including captain Cesar Azpilicueta, Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen.

Ahead of Chelsea’s trip to Burnley today, Tuchel said the club ‘can’t help it’ if the sale process has a negative effect on contract talks.

In his pre-match press conference, he said: ‘The bottom line is maybe we can’t help it – it is what it is.

“You never know maybe it has a positive effect on the negotiations or maybe it has a negative effect.

“We cannot predict and I would like not to predict on scenarios because you just lose focus, but everyone has a different situation and feels different about it (the sale).

“I hope for the best outcome still, I think we have something to offer still. Chelsea are a strong club and will stay a strong club.

During his press conference, he revealed that a briefing was held on Thursday regarding the sale of the club, which was held by technical and performance advisor Petr Cech – rather than Granovskaia.

Questioned about the managing director, Tuchel responded: ‘I will not comment on speculation about that [Marina’s future]. My communication with Petr and Marina has been excellent from day one.

“Marina is ill at the moment so otherwise she would have been here and briefed everybody.

“There’s no doubt this will stay for next few days, months and weeks and hopefully it stays on the same level with the same person, but if not we will have to adapt.’

Tuchel revealed players and staff did not learn anything new in the briefing and admitted that there is uncertainty around the club over the sale.

He said: ‘We had a briefing here day after the match from Petr who gave everybody here, not just the players a quick brief.

“Not too much what we didn’t already know so we have to live with this situation.

“It does not make sense to worry too much as don’t have any influence at all.

“We’re allowed to focus on football, it was not only the team, the complete staff, we try to create atmosphere where we feel safe once we enter the building and feel calm.

“Because we do this on a daily basis that can help create a sense of calm.

“Of course there’s uncertainty and like with all humans, there’s 80 peopke in the building, everybody will feel different about this, some will feel scared, some will be excited and some will be sad.

“I think everything is allowed for every individual but we should allow ourselves to focus on what we love the most and that is football.’

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