Kemisola Ogunniyi – Special Appeal To Governor Akeredolu

Kemisola who? Who is her father? That could be a typical response of whoever you bring up the case of the 19-year-old who had a baby in a prison in Ondo State, recently.

She is a remnant of the #EndSARS protest which we erroneously believe ended in October 2020. Some are still in jail. She is a proof of how quickly we forget, move on, and celebrate our introduction of standard gauged rail lines which the world has used for decades as if they are elixir for all our aches.

The reign of injustice in Nigeria is being accepted, muffled in inexplicable love of our governments for oppressing the very poor. What did Kemisola do that she is still in prison? Nobody thought her pregnancy was enough reason to set her free. Nobody considered the rigours of prison for a pregnant 18-year-old. Many seen to lump the SARS case of Kemisola with others concluding that she was liable to answer for her infraction of the law.

What was her offence? She was about on one of the days of the #EndSARS protest when she was arrested. Her protests that she was out to get medications from a pharmacy for a family member were ignored.

She landed in prison where she had been kept since October 2020. Her pregnancy was nobody’s concern. Ondo State quickly obtained a court order to keep her. And they still did not when they found out she was pregnant.

The bail she got was for the naming ceremony of her baby. She would return to prison to continue her detention until the case is determined. Should justice not lower its veiled eyes to look at her case again? Is there any reasonable justification for keeping Kemisola in prison for as long as she has been and possibly longer?

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Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu is a senior lawyer in credible senses of the much-abused tag. He is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), a former president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA). A simple instruction to his Attorney-General would get Kemisola and her son out of jail post haste. There should be a template for dealing with these cases that turn justice to abiding injustice.

Whether Kemisola and her son grow up in Oduduwa nation or Nigeria, it is important that the young woman has great memories of how Nigeria dealt justice to her. Those of us from the Dot Nation look forward to celebrating her successes on Twitter. She would be a reminder of the Nigeria we shouldn’t have had.

And finally, when Justista, the Roman goddess of justice weighs in on the matter – impartiality intact, the balance of reason and justice in place, wielding her two-edged sword – the scales of justice would weigh in Kemisola’s favour. None of those who abhor injustice, beyond preachment, should rest until Kemisola gets justice.


WHO stopped President Buhari’s medical trip to London? Some were already looking forward to at least two weeks of holiday from presidential dissonance.

HIGHER crude oil price means nothing in case you are celebrating it. Nigeria would spend the largesse on importing refined products and the rest on lifting another 10million people out of poverty.

THOSE who blocked the Abuja Airport Road on Monday asking President Muhammadu Buhari to go should wait until the railway to Niger Republic is completed. The President has stated it is his preferred mode of transportation when visiting home.

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NDLEA Chairman Brig Buba Marwa is over-estimating his preliminary successes. He now wants a law to make drug tests part of pre-marital processes, employment, and the next clog in admission to higher institutions. While drug control is important, Marwa is over-estimating the importance of his kingdom when compared with facts that include that any Nigerian can be killed, in whatever numbers, and it means nothing to the government. Marwa should take a drug test.

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