Kajuru Killings: 93-year-old Blind Woman Loses 11 Children

By Israel Bulus, Kaduna

The killings by armed bandits terrorising Southern Kaduna communities is taking a different dimention with the distruction and displacement of several communities in Kajuru local government area of Kaduna state.

Not only the young, the elderly are not left out on the vicious circle of years of killings – government is unable to tackle.

While the killings and maiming continues, there have been conspiracy theory by people in power working day and night to cover the atrocities being meted on innocent villagers, instead of protecting them.

Some of the displaced persons now at a Kara-tudu camp, Kaduna town

Victims say there is no security send to the area to hault the killings taking place at a time they were supposed to be in their farms.

This put a lie on the Police and the government statements that adequate security have been provided in the affected communities.

A 93-year -old blind woman, Mrs Azumi Boka, whose community is among those hit hard by these killers, said 11 of her children have been killed.

Azumi said the attack that took place recently in Gonan Rogo community of Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State led to the killing of her children, who also serves as her bread winners.

Azumi’s story is the tale of many residents in Kajuru local government area of Kaduna state.

According to the villagers, they have been visited with rein of terror and the government have put a blind eyes on it.

Azumi is one amongst other people that narrated their ordeal to this Correspondent when he visited one of the IDPs camp in Kara-tudu, Chukun Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

Govt failed to protect them: Some of the displaced persons now at a Kara-tudu camp, Kaduna town

The 93-year -old who was visibly crying while narrating her story, said the unfortunate incident is devastating.

“I don’t even know how i survived the carnage that befall us that day. The only thing I could remember was the sound of gunshots,” the nonagenarian said.

“Life is meaningless, life is cruel. I have loose hope,” Azumi said, adding that those responsible for the killing of her 11 children will never know peace.

“They will forever suffer,” Azumi said of the killers of her children.

“The only thing I could remember was the sound of gunshots in our community. I asked my children what was happening, I was told Fulani people invaded our community, killing our people.

“I am one of the oldest woman in our community. I have never experienced such calamity. I never knew someday, I will wake-up being chase away from my ancestral land by Fulani Herdsmen whom we have lived with for decades,” Azumi said.

According to her, the situation has overwhelmed her community but added that only God and the government can curtail the barbaric act.

She said life and the government have failed her because 11 children she birthed, instead of them burying her, have now been wiped out.

“Why am I even alive? nonagenarian asked, adding that her children’s dreams have been shattered within a twinkle of an eye.

“Should I blame God for allowing this kind of calamity to befall me? why me God?,” Azumi said and could not hold back the tears in her eyes.

It was gathered that among the Azumi’s children that were killed, on of them who went home on Monday to get food was trapped and hacked to death on the attack that took place on Wednesday morning.

“Why are this Fulani herdsmen maiming and killing innocent children, old, blind and young? What have we done to deserve these kind of acts,” Azumi asked rhetorically.

Another victim, Mr Saudana Laure from Ungwan Rana Community who narrowly survived the attacked with cuts and bullets wounds disclosed that they earlier received information that Ungwan Rogo was invaded and he quickly mobilized his four brothers.

He said they moved to the village only to found out that the attack have been carried out with so much intensity.

“We decided to return home. On our way back, we heard sounds of motorbikes. We later discovered they parked at one of the Fulani Hamlet and I told my brothers there was no doubt our village could be the next target.

“We took another route in the bush to our Village not knowing they have already entered our community and killed one person in my compound. We retreated and head toward the River side. We then sighted some of the Fulanis crossing the river. At that moment, they have already laid siege on both our community and the bushes.

“We hide in a particular location in the bush. I saw six of the Fulanis well armed. I was hit with a stick because they tried to shoot me with a gun but the bullet couldn’t penetrate. They resorted to using matchets and cut me in several places, ” he said.

The 66- year- old further disclosed that the Fulani militia have taken over all the bushes in their communities adding that residents no longer have access to their farmlands.

According to him, “I am suspecting that most of the attacks being carried out are been coordinated in Tampol which is called Laduga Grazing reserves.”

He disclosed further that, “most of the Fulanis around came from parts of Zamfara and sometimes you will see Helicopter hovering around the bushes.

“Unless the Government deployed its might to cum our bushes, these heinous acts of attacks will not stop,” Saudana said further.

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