Kafanchan EndSars Protesters Demand Nigeria’s Restructuring, Police Reforms


End Sars protesters who took the Kafanchan city major roads from Emako Filling Station to the Nepa roundabout in their hundreds demand for the immediate restructuring of the Nigeria police reform, end bad governance and police brutality in the Country.

Spokesman of the group, Pastor Gideon Mutum who spoke to Journalists yesterday, noted that their decision to come out and lend their voices is beyond the Police brutality but demand the restructuring of the entire country and bad governance that has grappled Nigeria.

According to him the Youths coming out to protest ending of SARS brutality in the country is an entry to demand for police welfare, adding,” governance in the country has not taking shape and the shape that we are talking about is that is not because we don’t have Ministers or ministry but the functioning of the Country is already bad.

” The SARS is a pointer to us how wrong this nation has been. Because of the brutality of the killing of innocent Nigerians because they’re holding either a phone or a Laptop is termed as a criminal or a Yahoo boy, we want to Condemn that narratives with a very strong voice and until there is a new template for engaging this nation if not a lot of things may go bad,” Mutum said.

He lamented that the welfare of the police is a great concern for them, stressing the reform of the Nigeria’s police, Nigerian army and other security agencies will give a new re-birth of the Country where things will begin to function well for the betterment of all Nigerians.

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Adding,” We’re just a fragment of millions of Nigerians cut across religion, political inclination, ethnic groups. Katsina, Enugu, Zamfara, Lagos, Osun ,Edo and many other States are standing like the way we’re standing here, calling against police brutality, bad governance and bad roads.

” Our bad hospitals, dilapidated Schools, poor welfare of our civil servants, the media that has been challenged for airing our views, injustice, police brutality, corruption must end.

He demand for President Muhammadu Buhari to come out and address the nation not through twitter or Facebook. We voted him through coming out, he should also come out and tell us what to do.

A student with the Kaduna State University, Comfort Mathias and Ifechukwu Jonah from the University of Portharcourt who were seen visibly angry called on the Government to stop using their future and be playing monopoly.

” Enough of the insecurity, bad governance, unemployment in the country and poor welfare of the Nigerian Security.

They explained that the condition of the educational sector and the health sector in Nigeria is worrisome, urging the Government to declare state of emergency in all the agencies in the Country.

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