Kaduna Sex Party: Nasir El-Rufai, My Man Of The Year 2020

By Tijjani Muhammad Musa

The decision of the El-Rufai State Government to stop this dastardly act and subsequently demolish the hotel designated as the venue for brazen immoral act is an award winning feat. So for me, His Excellency Gov. Nasiru el-Rufai and his Cabinet are my MAN OF THE YEAR 2020.

Look, we all know this kind of parties are happening in our societies and everybody is entitled to his rights and liberties as enshrined in the global fundamental human rights, but there is also the fact that as a sane society certain personal rights must end where that of others start.

The words #Consent and #Adult are key words to consider when it comes to engaging in acceptable sex, at least on a secular level in the society we live. Let’s leave religious (Islam, Christianity etc) stands on this out for the sake of this argument. Consenting adults are at liberty to engage is sexual acts of their choices

Thus we have many indulging in homosexuality, lesbianism, orgies and more. Though vices such as bestiality, child rape, incest and so on are also prevalent among us against the consentual or legal frames of rules of engagement.

Now, with all that said, despite the freedom to venture into such sexual quests by individuals, whether right or wrong, is often done in the secrecy of a confined space. Thereby respecting the sensitivity of the civil society we live in and acting with decorum as humans, not animals we pride ourselves standing above.

It was therefore a daring dare for the planners of this Kaduna sex party to come out and declare their ill, evil, sick and pervert intention, commercialize it, boldly publicize what was going to happen there, as if it is an official government approved business venture thus making this act a public event.

Were the government to ignore this devilish advertising of sex for sale in the name of civilization and modernization, it would definitely have initiated a slide into an abyss that would be a prelim to our complete and total irreversible decay of our moral fabric as a society.

This is because many others would follow suit and before you know it, every weekend would become an open sex party carnival with many offering new creative and innovative ways and methods of sexual pervacity in order to outdo their competition and stay on top of the game. Clearly the consequences is best left imagined.

Kaduna would have lost all semblance of a society that deserves decent living being experienced in it. It would assume the commercial sex capital of not just the north, Nigeria or even west Africa, but the world itself since many would travel across many border to come and patronize their psychotic offers.

Surely, that would be a huge burden for any to carry upon his human shoulders. And if the person responsible should have a conscience that is alive and disturbing of his or her soul, well it would amount to a death sentence upon that soul even while alive. So, for.those who.cannot understand the rational behind such a decision to arrest the development, well this is it.

As for demolition of the venue of the “launching pad” of the further desertification of our moral oasis, it is an act that deserves to be celebrated. And rejoice over that official decision many have done, as it goes to show any other that may be thinking of towing the same line, that the system in place is still in control. And it shall deal decisively with any who dares to dare dream of organizing such a crass gathering ever again.

Perhaps much later when things have gone haywire. But for now, it’s not yet Eldorado for any routing for that bad capacity and capability.

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