Kaduna Scientist Discovers Lassa Fever Cure, Commences Research On Coronavirus

By Israel Bulus, Kaduna 
Nigeria’s Kaduna based Medical Laboratory Scientist,  Prof Ayodele Adeleye, has discovered a cure for Lassa fever.
The discovery has also pushed the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria’s best graduate of his time into a fresh research.
He is seeking to discover a cure for coronavirus, a disease that have killed hundreds of people especially in China.
He also claimed he discovered Ebola cure during his research on HIV/AIDS cure some years ago.
The success story of the parasitologist, Adeleye, followed an intense investigation of materials on Virus, Lassa fever and others.
Adeleye who finally released the details of the efficacy of his therapy and cure for Lassa fever on Sunday,  said two persons have so far responded to the treatment.
The medical scientist disclosed that he is commencing a research into the coronavirus, using the same materials for the general virus he obtained.
Speaking with journalists in his Kaduna office, Adeleye said his Lassa fever therapy known as ‘Yaro Virus Killer 3,’ destroys the virus immidiately after a full bottle is taken.
“I discovered Ebola cure during my research on HIV/AIDS cure some years ago. I was challenged to do a research on it by a South African lady.
“She heard of my breakthrough in HIV cure and she came. She asked me if I can prepare something on Lassa virus. I told her okay. I got some materials for virus general cure. I told her to let the patient come.
 “I gave the patient the treatment for Lassa fever and within five days of his stay in Kaduna, his condition changed.
“Five years later, I traveled to South Africa for campaign on my HIV cure and I met him.
“He was looking so well. He said he had no problem again since he left Kaduna,” the scientist narrated.
Prof Adeleye
“He was not the only one I treated,” Adeleye said adding that there was another lady he treated in Abuja at the heat of the time people could not belief his treatment for his HIV cure.
“After treating her, the body changed and she became so well. After one week, she came to my office and thanked me.
“Let’s go to press with the breakthrough,” I said to her but she said no. The publicity died with her decline to go to the media,” Adeleye narrated.
He said while HIV and Ebola falls under the  categories of Virus killer 1 and 2, added that the Lassa Yaro Virus Killer 3 he discovered, killed the virus immediately after a full bottle is taken.
“I will continue to conduct free treatments for Lassa fever patient for God and humanity,” Adeleye who earlier resigned from his job at ABU Zaria to establish Yaromescare Research Center and Laboratory in Kaduna, said.
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