Kaduna: Infrastructure Deficits Worry GRA Residents

By Bomba Dauda, Kaduna

Lack of infrastructure at a GRA in Kaduna state is now a source of concern with residents calling on the government to come to their aid.

The Community Leader of Tsaunin Kura (Sabo GRA) in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Dr Silas Adamu has also raised a concern over the infrastructural deficits and the total neglect of the community by successive governments in the state.

According to Adamu, Sabo GRA was created in 1978 as one of the lay-outs of government adding that as the biggest lay-out, it has suffered neglect without government presence.”

“All these infrastructures we have in Sabo GRA we got them via self-help but, we pay our Ground Rent and we pay all sorts of revenues to government agencies and we show complete loyalty to the government. We pay everything we are expected to pay. Why won’t government come to our aid as they did in other layouts?

“In 2016 there was request for road networks where government gratuitously sent it to works department and it was put into the budget, it was specifically directed by His Excellency, Gov Nasiru El-rufai to put it into the budget but, it ends there. We later reminded His Excellency and again in his nature, he minuted it to the commissioner for works and from there it went to Kaduna State Roads Agency (KADRA). They came, assessed and evaluated our roads. So, we are waiting patiently to see if government will keep to its promise” he said.

“But, that is as it affects roads and drainages in Sabo GRA. The same unhealthy story can be told of water here? Those that have the means they dug boreholes but, there is no any pipe borne water that you can see because pipes were not laid by the government. Are we not entitled to portable drinking water? The electricityny you see here, the infrastructures are not provided by any of the electricity companies. We put all the infrastructures. The power supply you see here is through self-help. The companies only come to distribute bills and collect money,” Adamu said.

The Sabo GRA leader said government can sustain peace if it provides the people with basic social needs.

“When government allows socio-economic problems to militate against the people, it is difficult to sustain peace. So, youth restiveness therefore is coming up largely with the lack of those things. And when a government realised what the people lack and provide those things, there is no way the people will not believe the government and there is no way they will not be loyal and obedient to the government. So, loyalty to the government comes with a price. If a leader wants the support and loyalty of his people, he needs to think of the basic need of the people and try in his own way within scarce resources to provide them.”

“The primary duty of government is to secure the lives and properties of the people and to also provide the necessary infrastructures that people need in other to sustain their welfare and well-being. When government do not provide all of these, then the government cannot manage the people. And at the community level, when we cannot channel the energy of the youths to productive needs, then we are not likely to have youths that will be productive in the system,” he added.

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