Kaduna CAN Chairman Bags Honorary Doctorate Degree From Doxa Institutes


Chairman of the Kaduna State Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Joseph Hayab has been conferred with an Honorary Doctorate degree of Executive Leadership by Doxa Institutes.

Hayab who received the honorary doctorate degree letter on Wednesday in his office commended Doxa Institutes for taking him unaware by honoring him, saying the award will spur him to do better in serving humanity.

Commenting on the insecurity, Hayab noted that he has since been crying over the worsening of kidnapping and Banditry in the country, ” stressing people even wanted to attack him but if we had cried together at that time we wouldn’t be were we’re today.

” They thought I was a noise maker but today they are crying but I am not going to laugh because they’re crying but I wish they had cried with me we’ll have save alot of situations now but that is the problem of Nigeria.

Vice Chancellor of Doxa Institute, Professor Solomon Omayiwa said why the CAN Chairman was honored with a Doctored Degree was that they have been watching him for several years on National Television seeing his intellectual capacity, the wisdom, how spew them and the things he does that thrills us so much.

” Before the award there was a rapt in my spirit that this CAN Chairman should be awarded and i asked the Lord why should we award him? He said he has done a lot to CAN when he comes in as the Chaiman in Kaduna State.

” looking at some of the things he has done and leadership positions he has occupied, responsibilities he has handle in various stratas of human endeavor in the society, which they’ve also watch and witnessed, Hayab, deserved the award,” The Chancellor said.

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Adding,” The award is an Executive award and we have seen him operating in that Executive dimension. If you call him to anything that has to do with cooperate governance he’s wonderful, adding Reverend Hayab is a unifying Centre looking at the calibre of people that comes around him,” Solomon said.

ElanzaNews reports that Doxa Institutes was established I’m 2008 with the aimed of promoting the Christian World view which is against secular humanism, maxism and the Children get the real understand of who God is.

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