Justice, Equity And Fairness A Point Of Reciprocity By The SouthWest And South-South Zones

By Buhari ONUNAIJA Buhari

It’s a cheering good news as the president His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari has yesterday as a matter of equity to the Southern Nigeria backed up the Northern governor’s decision of ceding power to the South.

By this action it’s obvious the President is set to make history and as such since the Southwest and South-South zones have both taken a shot at the presidency, there would be no moral justification for them to continue in this race when equity, justice and fairness is the point to prove.

The Southwest under President Obasanjo has taken 8years as a president while Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is currently taking another 8years as VP.
The South-South zone has taken 6years as President and 2years of VP through President Goodluck Jonathan. Leaving the Southeast zone as the only zone yet to experience either Vice President or a President.

Having noted this factors, it’s only fair for our brother zones of the SW and SS to urge all their Aspirants to step aside for the SE zone aspirants to contest alone. This will suffice the popular saying that “he that must go to equity must do so with a clean hand”.
If the Southwest and South-South zones cannot reach this compromise as reached by our Northern Brothers, then I see no reason why the North would be called to jettison participation in the forthcoming election.

Having enumerated this points, I strongly suggest for the President to further encourage the SW and SS zone to step aside just the way he has done to the northern aspirants otherwise, it would amount to injustice to the people of the North to have been asked to step aside.

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Let Equity, Justice and Fairness be our guide as we approach the convention.

I congratulate President Buhari for the boldness to tow this path of history making. He’ll forever be remembered for this.

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